Hmmm is it possible to make a good and objective movie about religion with two sides that won’t budge and know-it-alls (or not-know-it-alls) who claim that their response is: I don’t know? Working with two major subjects: religion and faithfulness to your spouse, The Ledge has managed to combine them into one powerful movie if you are willing to look past a few minor flaws. It is true that this is self-serving in a sense that a bad guy is this lunatic that we could not possibly sympathize with and the good guy is just a regular, cool guy (although I managed to hate everyone in this movie (apart from the roommate)), but… I think that it is important to demystify religion, and the movies are a perfect vessel for this. We have hundreds of movies in which god is portrayed as the good guy that actually exists but we are without almost any movies that are, for the lack of better term, atheistic. And I don’t mean some debauchery or enjoyment (religion painted that vibe (did someone say projecting)) and metaphors but flat out atheistic, so The Ledge is there to fill the gap.

Gavin Nichols is just a regular atheist guy who enjoys ordinary things: alcohol, women and good times, plus he is hot. Living with his gay friend in an apartment building, he works as a manager at the local hotel, living an ordinary life. But when a married couple moves in their building, Gavin starts to have feelings for the neighbor’s beautiful wife. Next thing we know, Gavin is on top of the building, getting ready to jump when a police officer shows up to talk him out of it…

 Director: Matthew Chapman

Cast: Charlie Hunnam, Terrence Howard, Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson, Jaqueline Fleming, Christopher Gorham

Fun Facts: The film was shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


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