I was looking forward to this movie. Edgar Allan Poe, Gothic atmosphere, murders, mysteries and relatively good cast, what could go wrong? Luckily for us nothing went wrong, so we got ourselves a good “who done it” mystery movie. The only problem is once you have seen it and you know the story, there is no need to go back and see it again. I guess with this genre that is something that has to happen, but still there’s plenty of elements that you can enhance or pimp up so that the viewer thinks one night: hmmm I wanna see something that I already saw… The cinematography along with camera-work was good, leaning towards French productions, and this can be clearly seen in the pendulum scene (probably the best in the movie). With the whole dark Poe-Gothic vibe there was enough room for more impressive scenes, but I guess then the story would be a bit compromised. Nevertheless, what’s done is done. A lot of people complained about John Cusack as Poe but he did a decent job, if nothing else he was prettier than him (I guess…)

Edgar Allan Poe, a misunderstood poet and critic working for local newspaper spends his days drinking and writing dark and grizzly poems and short stories. He is desperately in love with Emily Hamilton, daughter of Captain Hamilton one of the wealthiest man in the town. Of course Captain does not approve their love, so they have to see each other secretly. At the same time Detective Emmett Fields starts investigating a grisly murder when he realizes that it resembles one of Poe’s works so he asks his assistance in solving this crime. He accepts, but soon finds himself in much deeper than he ever realized…

Director: James McTeigue

Cast: John Cusack, Luke Evans, Alice Eve, Brendan Gleeson, Kevin McNally, Oliver Jackson-Cohen

Fun Facts: Joaquin Phoenix was at one point in negotiations to star in the project together with Jeremy Renner. Phoenix would have played Poe to Renner’s police inspector Fields, but the deal fell through when Renner decided to do Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1486192/

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