The Score [2001] Movie Review Recommendation

The Score [2001]

The Score is another one of those movies that you have seen and heard a thousand times, with a highly original plot ofthe score a thief that plans one last heist and then retires. However, what sets this movie apart is its crew. Cast is phenomenal, and under the direction of famous Frank Oz (What About Bob, Death at a Funeral, The Stepford Wives, Bowfinger) it enriched the clichéd plot so much that the movie became something altogether else. Chemistry between actors is strong, and their acting abilities are tested to the max. Especially when you know that this is Marlon Brando’s last movie. If you’re going to do a movie with a plot so familiar, you might as well do it right. Guided by this principle Oz, created something that can watched as a painting, analyzing different aspects and strokes.

This movie is entertaining, with car chases and twists to liven up the tense atmosphere, but you have to lower your gear and soak in the first part of it. Not keen on satisfying blood thirsty and violence loving younger audiences, The Score accentuated different aspects of action scenes. It’s a low-key slow-burner with De Niro, Brando and others providing phenomenal performances. So if you like these type of movies, where a band of thieves is trying to steal something big, this is a movie for you. It will entertain you and keep you interested, although it’s a bit longer flick (124 minutes). You might wanna check other heist flicks like Thick as Thieves, The Bank Job, Oceans trilogy and others. Enjoy…

Director: Frank Oz

Cast: Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, Marlon Brando, Angela Bassett, Gary Farmer

Fun Stuff: During breaks, Marlon Brando would walk around the set naked because of the warm weather where the film was being shot.


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