The Tailor of Panama [2001] Movie Review Recommendation

The Tailor of Panama [2001]

Another great relaxing movie, and when I say relaxing ITailor of panama do not mean that it’s boring or without action, but that you can watch and enjoy in good script, actors and an easygoing story. Based on a best-selling novel by John le Carré and shot on location in Panama, this is a treat for all our senses. Cinematography was beautiful and those wide shots of exotic countryside were really captivating. And did I mention Jamie Lee Curtis? Harold Pendel (Geoffrey Rush) is humble and fuzzy tailor in Panama (well dough) and after meeting with Andrew Osnard, (Pierce Brosnan) a retired British spy, he gets involved in a spy game on a highest level. This is Osnard’s last chance, since he fucked up things pretty bad back home.

The Tailor of Panama is not that clumsy spy comedy flick but more of ordinary guy reluctantly doing spy stuff. Story is good, script well-written with enough intelligent jokes to make you laugh from time to tie. Irony is a pretty strong weapon, especially when used by such a talented crew starting with le Carré continuing with Boorman and finally, we could not omit Pierce and Geoffrey. Post Cold-War intricacies and South American corruption are always interesting to watch, and learn. As Harold tries to find out what the Panamanian government is trying to do with the Panama Canal, he gets more and more involved into the world of spying with the help of experienced and slick former spy Osnard. I almost forgot, there’s even Harry Potter in this movie, haha, enjoy.

Director: John Boorman

Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Geoffrey Rush, Jamie Lee Curtis, Brendan Gleeson, Daniel Radcliffe, Harold Pinter

Fun Facts: The part of Sarah Pendel is played by Lola Boorman, director John Boorman’s daughter.


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