To Steal From A Thief 2016 Movie Scene Bank robbers showing their explosive vests to the security guard at the bank

To Steal From A Thief [2016]

There’s something so atmospheric about these European thrillers that I just can’t get enough of them. It could be the architecture or approach to the storytelling and character development, I’m not really sure. Whatever it is, I freaking love it. To Steal From A Thief is a Spanish heist movie done by the book. It offers nothing new but with a short running time, fast pacing, and a story full of twists, it’s entertaining. And I really liked the finale, which was strangely satisfying and in tune with the rest of the movie. The action starts pretty much immediately as six armed gunmen burst into a bank in Valencia. And the heist is on.

Starring two of my favorite Spanish actors, Luis Tosar (Sleep Tight) and Jose Coronado (No Rest For The Wicked), To Steal From A Thief could have benefited from a better dialogue. The same can be said about character development. At least the storytelling was spot on. When it comes to the plot, it features some elements from two other heist movies, The Bank Job and Inside Man. Although I would also add another Spanish movie starring Mr. Coronado, Box 507 to that list. Just to be clear, the story this movie is trying to tell is quite an interesting one. I don’t want to reveal too much but I feel that things like this are happening in every country. 

The movie opens with this torrential rain suffocating the city of Valencia and immediately pulling you into the screen. You feel like you should find someplace to hunker down and wait out this heavy downpour. It also adds another layer of claustrophobia to the atmosphere. Not only will the police arrive and surround the building but even if you do make out, you will be soaking wet. I mean, I’m sure our robbers wouldn’t mind getting soaking wet if they could get away but you know what I mean.

In the middle of a storm, six robbers take control of a bank in the center of Valencia. They’re all wearing masks and more importantly explosive vests. Led by a charismatic man known as the Uruguayo, they seem to be professionals. However, one of the hostages manages to hit the silent alarm button and police soon block off all exits. Seemingly trapped, robbers continue breaking into safety boxes, counting on their leader to get them out of this tricky situation.

I just remembered another movie that’s similar to this one, The Negotiator. Well, I think that you’re covered now if you’re looking for similar movies. That’s what we do here, at Rabbit Reviews, we recommend movies worth watching. And this refreshing and bite-sized Spanish heist movie, To Steal From A Thief is definitely worth watching. To make things even more interesting, exactly one year after the release of this movie, the most popular Spanish television show ever appears.

Money Heist or Le Casa De Papel follows a series of bank robberies in real-time and features a convoluted but ultimately satisfying plot. It also features much more interesting characters, well-developed, and just freaking cool. Although I have to admit that I stopped watching the show after the third season.

Director: Daniel Calparsoro

Writer: Jorge Guerricaechevarría

Cast: Luis Tosar, Rodrigo de la Serna, Raúl Arévalo, Jose Coronado, Marian Álvarez, Joaquín Furriel

Fun Facts: The title of the movie comes from a Spanish proverb: “Those who steals a thief, will have a hundred years of pardon”.


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