True Grit [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

True Grit [2010]

The latest Coen brothers movie is finally here (the next one is Gambit in 2012), and I have to say that you need to be a bit warned before checking it out. True Grit is a movie based on a book by Charles Portis, much like its predecessor True Grit from 1969 starring the legendary John Wayne. So, this movie will not have that in-your-face Coen vibe, but a subtler and gentle, and a lot of viewers said that it almost lacks their unique approach to film making. But Coen vibe is still here, they just stepped back and pointed the lights to the characters and the story. And when I say characters I mean Jeff Fucking Bridges (or JFB for short), who was simply amazing. He has a certain skill that enables him to accurately portray drunks, and I wonder why :D. But this time, he’s also a skilled tracker, hunter and lawmen all in one, but more than everything he’s one tough motherfucker. Along with the rest of the skilled cast, he completes a picture of western genre renaissance.

Mattie Ross is 14-year-old girl, although that is pretty hard to conclude from her demeanor. She is very smart and strong-willed, acting as she is much older than she actually is. After the murder of her father by a hoodlum Tom Chaney, desperate to bring him to justice she will hire the toughest U.S Marshall she can find. You guessed it, his name is Reuben J. “Rooster” Cogburn, and he has True Grit. In this quest they will be joined by Leboeuf, a Texas Ranger seeking Chaney for another murder in a state of Texas. Three of them will try to catch up to Tom who joined Lucky Ned Pepper`s gang, and will they succeed it is up to you to find out. Movie has that raw, Coen look, and it looks and feels like a real western, so I am hoping that this would be a beginning of a series of new westerns.

Directors: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

Cast: Jeff Bridges, Hailee Steinfeld, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, Barry Pepper, Paul Rae

Fun Facts: As mentioned in the trivia from the original True Grit (1969), the character of Rooster Cogburn is supposed to be around 40, both John Wayne and Jeff Bridges were in their early 60’s when they portrayed their roles. John Wayne was 62, Jeff Bridges was 60.


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