I’m back, baby

Well, as you have probably noticed, site hasn’t been updated in months, and the reason for that is not the lack of good movies, but just some personal issues and problems that I was having. Hopefully and officially as of last night all that is behind me and I can resume with my quest of bringing good movies to you. There is already about a hundred titles ready to be processed, and I can’t wait to share with you some of my findings. The European cinema has made a huge comeback, and I am hoping that the American cinema finally is finally over with its infatuations with indie-hippie-new age thing, zombies, possessions and other common themes. Although just today, a movie called Warm Bodies – a romantic comedy about a zombie in love has been released. I think I will check out this abomination, but only heavily intoxicated to counter its devastating effect on the viewers.

To elaborate on that, and by that I mean romantic zombie comedies, funny exorcisms and vampires that sparkle, I think that this is our own fault. One reason why the last decade was so interesting movie-wise is the  questioning of popular concepts in cinema. Brought on by the fringe directors and the writers from the sixties onward, this has become a mainstream thing and people are willing to fund and make movies with concepts that are almost outrageous. Why can’t vampires sparkle and, although couple of hundred years old, still go to the same high-school and fall in love with kids several lifetimes younger then them? Why zombies can’t love? These are all perfectly good questions, but I guess the answers are not something that we want to see.

Parallel to this, the rise of the block busters is now over, and J.J. and Bay are now officially the kings of block busters, with their genetically altered monsters. In the past we have often seen movies where scientist experiment with humans to create something that is faster, better, stronger than the average Joe. Todays blockbusters with their non-stop action and CGI that is so overwhelming that it will soon replace actors all together are making enormous amounts of money and thus there will be many more of them. Test viewings, measurement of your emotions and attentions, and all the other stuff that is used in breeding these monsters is simply the consequence of the studios demanding a product that will make money. So now movie making is nothing but a series of formulas and calculations on how to keep you entertained for an hour and a half with one goal in their mind and that is profit.

But there is another, a much darker truth to this, and that is that those movies are so easily forgotten and without any lasting value. While I will admit that I am entertained for an hour and a half while watching them, immediately after the end of the movie Jay appears with his neutralizer and does his thing. The thing that I remember about that movie from that moment on is the trailer and the general idea… Of course this can be reveresed and applied to the action movies of the eighties and early nineties that we all love and watch, but not to that extent…

Anywhoo, enough about this and my disappointment with Star Trek and recently Star Wars franchises (if you didn’t know J.J. Abrams is officially in charge of both reboots), it is time to relax, and since it is hangover Sunday, I recommend some of the Jim Carrey movies (Ace Ventura, Liar Liar…) while for the evening stay tuned for the review 🙂

P.S. It’s good to be back, and thank you all for your support and time, it really means a world to me (beer and weed are on me, you bring the snacks 🙂