First of all, I know that this is a movie site, but still I must say something about a series that I watched for six years, and enjoyed in… The last episode was really a surprise to everyone, and I do not think that in a good way. As so easily explained, it was the time traveling Nazis and the polar bear.  I mean come on!!! They were all in some limbo or whatever, between life and death, in some purgatory island(even I can come up with a better ending than them, they have been in a purgatory paying for their sins in life, there you go, if you already wanna do that type of ending), and after that they all go into the light in the fucking church. What’s up with that, does everything have to be somehow connected to the religion? They have not explained anything, remember the famous polar bear, the Egyptian statues, and all the stuff that was there. And story with the purgatory island just does not hold water, what about Widmore and all the other characters? They took the easy way out, and just left everything open for speculation so the viewers can come up with their own explanation. That is just plain wrong, lame and offending. If you already borrowed so many things from Hyperion (if you read this book by Dan Simmons, you already know what I am talking about), borrow the ending and explain everything. There is nothing conclusive in the finale so everything you conclude about the six seasons can be easily disputed. I would rather end the series at season five or even four and live in ignorance than except this offending ending. It’s good that I do not take all this too seriously, but still we were sold a product that eventually malfunctioned… What are your thoughts on this one, if you have watched the series…

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  1. Floris

    Wel.. My thought is that you do seem to care judging by the frustrated article:p But you’re right. I thought the concept was great, i mean the whole survival thing on the island. That was for many people the motivator for watching Lost, because it had this Robinson Crusoe/Cast Away vibe.. People wanted to break out of society or somethin’ and they could just watch Lost for that;) That was the power, but they squandered it by inserting these weird elements like ‘the others’ en after season 3 it went completely berserk with them going back and forth to the island with all the flashbacks and weird character changes and shit.. (remember the episode in season 2 i think? where Hurley finds this old car? And they go for a ride with it? That was the best episode, cause it was just plain fun.. Could watch that for seasons:p) Hope they’ll make a series someday with this pure realistic survivaltheme, without fantasy but with those same problems and all.. Just put in a big storm someday which destroys their camp, a few shipwrechs now and then.. little hunting things.. Wilson.. Would’ve been better. Story just went toooo freakin’ far out.. So for me: I don’t care.. i lost Lost in season 4:p

    Btw.. (bet you watchin’ it already) but Dexter (series) is a good replacement!:D for me at least. And House;) Soon gonna start with The Wire..
    Generation Kill and The Pacific are great miniseries! Should keep you posted for a while;)

    Keep up the good work:D


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