Three year anniversary, and some more news

Dear employee: Has it really been three years? If not, please disregard this and get back to work. Distribute token of appreciation and applaud.

Since it really has been three years, I guess some sort of celebration is in order, and since I don’t have anything to give you (except my love :P) I guess we can all get drunk and high tonight… I know I will, I don’t need much of an incentive to drink, actually… But seriously guys and girls thanks for visiting Rabbit-Reviews and I hope that we will continue this relationship for a long long time (until I run out of money, beer and pot). While we are at it, show us some love and join Rabbit-Reviews on facebook and twitter for more updates, official and unofficial.  We moved to a new facebook page that will be regularly updated, so if you wanna be more connected, connect.

In this crazy world not much things are certain, but a good movie is something that will take you to a new world. A place where you can learn, relax, laugh and many more things… Not to be too boring that’s it, so see you when I see you…

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