Solomon Kane [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Solomon Kane [2009]

Although marketed as some very fancy and brutal movie, Solomon Kane proved to be another commercial milking project gone wrong. It's not that bad,...
Youth in Revolt [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Youth in Revolt [2009]

I wonder how many more movies will be made with the same tag-line of what would guys do for pussy? Although this is a bit harsh for this lightweight...
Brothers [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Brothers [2009]

This war movie seems to be quite popular. With the success of The Hurt Locker, it is not a surprise. This remake of a Danish movie Brødre is a bit...
The Cave 2005 Movie Piper Perabo on a rope looking at a cave

The Cave [2005]

If you're looking for an adventure movie with strong horror elements, The Cave is a perfect choice featuring an engaging atmosphere and great visuals.
The Descent [2005] Movie Review Recommendation

The Descent [2005]

With the release of the sequel to this great movie from 2005, let's take look inside the creepy caves inhabited by something that is not human....
The New Daughter [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

The New Daughter [2009]

This combination of a horror and thriller flick is something that you can watch when you run out of really good movies. Acting was pretty lame,...
We Own the Night [2007] Movie Review Recommendation

We Own the Night [2007]

Although this movie may seem to be something that is going to be remembered, I don't think it will happen. Sure, some 20-30 years from now, you will...
Ben X [2007] Movie Review Recommendation

Ben X [2007]

Ahhh video games. As an avid gamer who has spent most of his life in front of the computer playing video games, this movie really touched me. I felt...
Silent Hill [2006] Movie Review Recommendation

Silent Hill [2006]

This visually stunning flick is based on the video game and as you probably know by now, this genre has been doomed ever since the thing was tried...
Unfaithful 2002 Movie Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez in his studio as he's taking of her bra and proceeds to make love to her scene

Unfaithful [2002]

Thought-provoking, steamy and erotic thriller with a beautiful cast, intriguing story, and a lot of room for introspection, if you choose to do so.
Vantage Point [2008] Movie Review Recommendation

Vantage Point [2008]

If you want to see Mr. Matthew Fox from Lost in some other flick check out this one. Besides him, it has a pretty strong rest crew and interesting...
Holes 2003 Movie Scene Inmates at the work camp digging holes in the desert

Holes [2003]

Beautifully crafted and with one hell of a story to tell, Holes is an intelligent and surprisingly mature coming-of-age movie.
Mystic River [2003] Movie Review Recommendation

Mystic River [2003]

Directed by Clint Eastwood (fun fact: he also composed the music) this disturbing drama is packed with excellent actors and magnificent performances....
The Village [2004] Movie Review Recommendation

The Village [2004]

Another movie from M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, Lady in the Water), is one of his first to caught the general audience...