Revolt 2017 Movie Scene Giant alien robot attacking the rebels

Revolt [2017]

Visually impressive, Revolt is a competently done albeit formulaic alien invasion movie elevated by ethereal Lee Pace and exotic African sets.
Freaks of Nature [2015] movie review

Freaks of Nature [2015]

Imagine if Zombies, Vampires, and all kinds of freaks all lived together and you will get some idea what to expect from this entertaining horror-comedy.
10 Cloverfield Lane 2016 Movie Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Michelle and John Goodman as Howard first scene in the basement

10 Cloverfield Lane [2016]

Very intense and thriller/horror with a claustrophobic atmosphere, great performances from John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and a lot of mystery.
The Signal [2014] Movie Laurence Fishburne as Damon final scene

The Signal [2014]

An interesting indie science fiction movie that avoided the usual mistakes of the genre is an example of how to do a visually impressive movie on a budget.
Virus [1999] Movie Virus 1999 Movie Jamie Lee Curtis, William Baldwin, Joanna Pacula and Cliff Curtis

Virus [1999]

An entertaining but highly derivative science fiction movie with all the nineties glitz and glamour. Watch only if you're a fan of the above mentioned.
+1 [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

+1 [2013]

Entertaining indie science fiction movie with a healthy dose of comedy and horror. Think Superbad meets Donnie Darko, but with a secret twist.
R.I.P.D. [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

R.I.P.D. [2013]

Men in Black. This sentence was running through my head during the entire movie, sort of steampunked adventures of Jay and Kay that offer a different...
Oblivion [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Oblivion [2013]

A lot of people hate Tom Cruise, for various reasons, but nevertheless they still don't like him. Most of people I know hate him and technically I...
The Watch [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

The Watch [2012]

I mentioned, in some of the previous reviews, movies that are actually products, meant for one or two uses, discarded and then forgotten. The Watch...
Men in Black 3 [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Men in Black 3 [2012]

Men in Black 3 is another reboot of successful nineties movies that are hitting the cinemas this summer. I haven't seen any trailers or posters for...
Skyline 2010 Movie Scene Alien ships emitting blasts of blue light over the city of Los Angeles

Skyline [2010]

Skyline is a very refreshing, effective, and stylish alien invasion movie featuring a vibrant atmosphere and excellent special effects.
Sector 7 2011 Movie Scene Ha Ji-Won as Cha Hae-joon standing in front of the monster screaming at her

Sector 7 [2011]

Derivative but visually impressive, Sector 7 is a refreshing South Korean science fiction movie set on an oil rig with one nasty monster.