Splinter [2008] Movie Review Recommendation

Splinter [2008]

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, it's another let's board up and defend against the monster's horror flick. It's not as good as Feast, but it will do just...
The Strangers [2008] Movie Review Recommendation

The Strangers [2008]

Here's another formulaic horror movie worth your attention. First of all, The Strangers is loosely based on real events and when they say events,...
Outpost 2008 Movie Ray Stevenson aiming a gun with Richard Brake in the background

Outpost [2008]

If you're looking for that gritty and intense zombie experience, Outpost is the movie for you! Set in a seemingly abandoned WWII bunker it's a must-see!
Tape [2001] Movie Review Recommendation

Tape [2001]

This MTV movie starring Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman looks cheap, feels cheap and it is cheap. However, it’s amazing what good script can do. Story...