This is 40 [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

This is 40 [2012]

This is 40 could be easily renamed to This is 30 or This is the life of a married, urban couple with kids. Judd Apatow outdone himself with this...
Mother's Day [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Mother’s Day [2010]

Loosely based on the original Mother's Day (this was a Troma flick which makes the quality of the remake almost incomprehensible) from 1980, this...
The Vicious Kind [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

The Vicious Kind [2010]

Another in a line of movies that examines a dysfunctional family, The Vicious Kind can be slow at times, but it still delivers. This is a story about...
City Island [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

City Island [2009]

This easygoing indie movie is something that you need to check out. Although not so serious as American Beauty or some other movies dealing with...
Youth in Revolt [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Youth in Revolt [2009]

I wonder how many more movies will be made with the same tag-line of what would guys do for pussy? Although this is a bit harsh for this lightweight...
Eulogy [2004] Movie Review Recommendation

Eulogy [2004]

Although I was expecting more from this movie, it still was pretty funny. Although featuring a similar motive, Eulogy cannot be compared to Death At...
King Of California [2007] Movie Review Recommendation

King Of California [2007]

I liked the relaxed approach that Mike Cahill used in King of California. They are not trying to make a wow flick, they just want to tell a story...
Aberdeen [2000] Movie Review Recommendation

Aberdeen [2000]

What a great movie this is. Aberdeen is that type of drama where there are comical elements, so it is easier to swallow all the hard stuff. And...
Thirteen 2003 Movie Nikki Reed as Evie Zamora and Evan Rachel Wood as Tracy Freeland looking at new tongue piercing in a mirror and laughing

Thirteen [2003]

A very engaging and authentic movie about teens and their troubles fitting in, based on real experiences and powered by great performances.
Dead End [2003] Movie Review Recommendation

Dead End [2003]

If you want to watch an original and weird horror movie, Dead End must be your choice. You will think that it's another wrong turn gone bad horror...
Ken Park [2002] Movie Review Recommendation

Ken Park [2002]

This is another Larry Clark fucked up movie, this time with lots of nudity and strong sexual content. The first one was Kids, a controversial story...
Little Miss Sunshine [2006] Movie Review Recommendation

Little Miss Sunshine [2006]

This is one of those movies that just blew me away. I actually had to come back after a few years a rewrite the entire review because it didn't do...

Nothing Is Private [2007]

Smart, engaging, and sometimes uncomfortable, Nothing is Private is a quirky dramedy exploring sexuality, racism, predatory behavior, and bad parents.
The Chumscrubber [2005] Movie Review Recommendation

The Chumscrubber [2005]

Fucked up teens. That's the tagline for this excellent flick that deals with lives of middle-upper class citizens and theirs seemingly perfect lives...
Donnie Darko [2001] Movie Review Recommendation

Donnie Darko [2001]

In the middle of this huge wave of commercial blockbusters with explosions, guns and drugs, Donnie Darko appeared out of nowhere and defined the...