Running Man 1987 Movie Arnold Schwarzenegger as Ben Richards Launch Scene

Running Man [1987]

Based on a novel written by Stephen King and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, this post-apocalyptic action movie stood the test of time.
Chopping Mall [1986] Movie Review Recommendation

Chopping Mall [1986]

Here is another eighties horror movie, and if you have seen the rest of them (Critters, The Blob, Fright Night...) you exactly know what to expect, a...
The Blob [1988] Movie Review Recommendation

The Blob [1988]

Based on the original movie from 1958, this eighties remake is great. Actually there is a new The Blob project, and Rob Zombie was slated to direct...
Zapped! [1982] Movie Review Recommendation

Zapped! [1982]

I had trouble deciding whether I should review this movie, but as you can read I made up my mind. It's not science fiction, comedy or movies so bad...
Fright Night [1985] Movie Review Recommendation

Fright Night [1985]

With the imminent release of the remake, it's time to brush up on this eighties classic. I seriously doubt that the new version will be any good,...
Critters [1986] Movie Review Recommendation

Critters [1986]

This is a classic eighties monster flick, and after all this time it's still very watchable. Critters belongs to one of those movies that...
Masters of the Universe [1987] Movie Review Recommendation

Masters of the Universe [1987]

We are continuing with the fantasy flicks of the 80s with this little gem. Older of you may remember the cartoon Masters of The Universe that tells...
Flash Gordon [1980] Movie Review Recommendation

Flash Gordon [1980]

So we are starting a new tag thingy, Fantasy Films of the 80s, and of course we are starting with Flash Gordon. Flash oooohhhoooo, after you have...
The Dark Crystal [1982] Movie Review Recommendation

The Dark Crystal [1982]

In today's world of modern CGI effects, and big-budget computer animated cartoons, seeing this movie is really refreshing. Using puppets and good...