Vault [2019]

Featuring appealing visuals and an incredible story, Vault is a mediocre heist movie with a couple of redeeming qualities that make it worth watching.
Nokas 2010 Movie Robbers breaking the window to the bank with a giant sledgehammer

Nokas [2010]

Incredibly intense, unpredictable, and unfolding in real-time, Nokas is an authentic thriller about the biggest heist in Norway's history that will blow you away.
Bob Le Flambeur 1956 Movie Roger Duchesne as Robert 'Bob' Montagné gambling in a casino and smoking a cigarette

Bob le Flambeur [1956]

After all this time, Bob Le Flambeur remains a very stylish and breezy French crime movie with great pacing following our guy planning a big heist.
Rififi 1955 Movie Jean Servais, Carl Möhner, Robert Manuel watching Jules Dassin opening an umbrella during the heist

Rififi [1955]

As the best heist movie ever released, Rififi, featuring a gritty and suspenseful atmosphere along with realistic characters is also a masterful noir movie.
Le Cercle Rouge 1970 Movie Alain Delon as Corey holding a gun and taking money from the safe

Le Cercle Rouge [1970]

Get a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of whiskey, and play Le Cercle Rouge, a stylish noir masterpiece offering a look into the desolate world of crime.
Bottle Rocket 1996 Movie Owen Wilson holding a Colt Anaconda after a shooting practice in a field

Bottle Rocket [1996]

As one of the rare quirky indie comedies that are not irritating and egocentric, Bottle Rocket is a delightfully easygoing and vibrant heist movie.
The Bank Job 2008 Movie Jason Statham planning robbery with friends

The Bank Job [2008]

Starring young Jason Statham, this British crime flick is based on one of the strangest heists ever pulled off. Engaging and thrilling, it's a must-see!
The Hard Word [2002] Movie Review Recommendation

The Hard Word [2002]

Juicy crime/heist thriller with a strong cast, great story, and authentic atmosphere. If you're tired of American heist movies check out this Aussie one.
Now You See Me [2013] Movie Jesse Eisenberg holding a deck of cards scene

Now You See Me [2013]

An entertaining and visually stunning movie filled with very famous and great actors but without any lasting value. Pretty good for one viewing.
Empire State [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Empire State [2013]

While we're in the whole heist subgenre, lets take a closer look at Empire State. Based on true events, where over 8 million dollars were stolen and...
Sneakers [1992] Movie Review Recommendation

Sneakers [1992]

Sneakers is an easygoing movie for all those nostalgic of the nineties and its technology plus it features people over sixty are hacking and pulling off heists.
El Aura [2005] Movie Review Recommendation

El Aura [2005]

Right off the bat, this movie shows you it's not going to be your typical thriller movie, with prolonged scenic shots and weird music, the...
Trance [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Trance [2013]

Trance sort of snuck up on me and appeared out of nowhere, demanding attention. Directed by none other than Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, 28 Days...