Elling 2001 Movie Scene Per Christian Ellefsen as Elling wearing a trench coat and sunglasses

Elling [2001]

Take a break from your usual movie schedule and check out Elling, a heartwarming, honest, and refreshing drama with a lot of dark humor.
Nightmare Alley 2021 Movie Scene Bradley Cooper as Stanton Carlisle leaving his house in flames while smoking a cigarette

Nightmare Alley [2021]

Stylish and featuring that trademark del Toro vibe, Nightmare Alley is too sleek for its own good and works best as a slow period drama.
Blitz 2011 Movie Scene Jason Statham as Brant listening to the police briefing

Blitz [2011]

Cliched but gritty, Blitz is a standard-issue serial killer movie featuring a familiar cast and enough meat on the bones to keep you engaged.
House of Gucci 2021 Movie Scene Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci drinking espresso and smoking in a coffee shop

House of Gucci [2021]

Silly, easygoing, and struggling to maintain a consistent tone, House of Gucci is a stylish melodrama with a couple of unexpected twists.
Johnny Handsome 1989 Movie Scene Mickey Rourke as Johnny Handsome, a criminal with a disfigured face siting in a prison cell

Johnny Handsome [1989]

Gritty, authentic but above all captivating, Johnny Handsome is a neo-noir classic that you play at 3 pm on a workday. And fucking finish it.
Coma 1978 Movie Scene Geneviève Bujold as Dr. Susan Wheeler laying on a surgical table and pressing a button on a Michael Douglas as Dr. Mark Bellowspager's pager

Coma [1978]

Featuring a gripping story about a streak of strange events in a big hospital, Coma is a suspenseful and smart thriller that stood the test of time.
Sliver 1993 Movie Scene Sharon Stone as Carly Norris holding wine glasses at a party

Sliver [1993]

Desperately trying to be hip, Sliver is an erotic thriller that sometimes comes off as a comedy anchored by the one and only Sharon Stone.
Angel Heart 1987 Movie Scene Mickey Rourke as Harry Angel lighting a cigarette with a match

Angel Heart [1987]

Dark and brooding, Angel Heart is an engaging noir thriller with an occult edge driven by a powerful performance by Mickey Rourke.
The Damned United 2009 Movie Scene Michael Sheen as Brian Clough at a game with banners behind asking for him to leave

The Damned United [2009]

If you've never seen a movie about football, The Damned United is a perfect choice because it shows you what the fuss is all about.
Cold in July 2014 Movie Scene Michael C. Hall as Richard Dane all bloody and sporting a mullet haircut

Cold in July [2014]

Full of twists and surprises, Cold in July is a slow-burning and very immersive neo-noir thriller with authentic and believable characters.
Dune 2021 Movie Scene The Harkonnen army getting ready to leave the planet oversaw by Dave Bautista as Beast Rabban Harkonnen

Dune [2021]

After several years of waiting, I finally saw Dune 2021 last night and it fucking blew me away! It was everything I hoped it to be and more. I...

Home [2015]

Visually appealing and vibrant, Home is an entertaining movie perfect for spacing out starring Rihanna, Jim Parsons and a lot of aliens.
The Ruins 2008 Movie Scene An aerial shot of the pyramid overgrown with vines with tourists trapped at the top

The Ruins [2008]

Following two young couples on a vacation from hell, The Ruins is a solid albeit a bit static horror with an exotic setting and nice gore.
The Last Duel 2021 Movie Scene Matt Damon as Jean de Carrouges in full armor on his horse shaking hands with Adam Driver as Jacques Le Gris

The Last Duel [2021]

Immersive and thought-provoking, The Last Duel shows us a slice of medieval life examined through the lens of one horrible event.
Filth 2013 Movie Scene James McAvoy as Bruce pointing at the prostitute in the brothel

Filth [2013]

Despite being messy and a bit pretentious, Filth is an entertaining crime comedy about one really bad cop full of drugs, sex, and alcohol.