The Binge 2020 Movie Dexter Darden as Hags and Eduardo Franco as Andrew smoking weed while driving

The Binge [2020]

If I had to describe The Binge using just two words, those words would be mindless fun. This is raunchy albeit flawed comedy with a good vibe.

Return to Paradise [1998]

If you told me twenty years ago that I would be rating 10 a movie starring Vince Vaughn, Ann Heche and Joaquim Phoenix, I would call you a liar....
Kill The Messenger 2014 movie Jeremy Renner as Gary Webb scene

Kill the Messenger [2014]

A very engaging and authentic movie based on the life of Gary Webb, an investigative journalist who broke the story about the US involvement in Nicaragua.
The Wackness [2008] Movie Review Recommendation

The Wackness [2008]

Thanks to the recommendation by Mr. Wael Bekdach I finally watched The Wackness a couple of nights ago and was blown away. As Wael already promised...
Savages [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Savages [2012]

While most of the old school directors are having trouble integrating into this new society, movie-wise, Oliver Stone managed not only to follow...
Snitch [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Snitch [2013]

The Rock is The Man. Who knew that a professional wrestler, looking like that, could pull off such a performance, but then again, professional...
Pusher [1996] Movie Review Recommendation

Pusher [1996]

Since we were touring Europe for these last few weeks, it's unavoidable to mention this cult trilogy coming to us from Denmark. Pusher is more than...
Mr. Nice [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Mr. Nice [2010]

It is pretty hard to transform a good book into a movie, but if it works it is usually pretty amazing. The autobiography of an infamous British drug...
High Life [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

High Life [2009]

Although this movie is labeled as a comedy, it shows a bit darker side of junkie life and it furthermore instills the belief that drugs are not that...
The Informers [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

The Informers [2009]

Another movie that tries to bring life to a novel that bases its story around drugs. Although the pace is a little slower, The Informers is still an...
Strange Days [1995] Movie Review Recommendation

Strange Days [1995]

Set in the year of our Lord Satan 1999 and showcasing alternate future, this science fiction movie is really something original and refreshing....
Training Day [2001] Movie Review Recommendation

Training Day [2001]

Training Day is one of those movies that I have seen countless times. Although I have seen it during my "formative" years, it stood the test of time....