Revolt 2017 Movie Scene Giant alien robot attacking the rebels

Revolt [2017]

Visually impressive, Revolt is a competently done albeit formulaic alien invasion movie elevated by ethereal Lee Pace and exotic African sets.
Finch 2021 Movie Scene Tom Hanks as Finch trying to explain to his robot Jeff what to do in the future

Finch [2021]

I think I've started this review of the latest Tom Hanks science fiction movie Finch at least a dozen times. I know what I want to say and how I...
Automata 2014 Movie Scene Antonio Banderas as Jacq Vaucan in the robot charging station with couple of them charging

Automata [2014]

Exploring a familiar theme of robots and humans, Automata offers a very immersive post-apocalyptic atmosphere and great visuals.
Hardware 1990 Movie Scene Dylan McDermott as Mo caressing Stacey Travis as Jill with his cybernetic hand

Hardware [1990]

Boasting a cyberpunk vibe, Hardware feels like a feverish, post-apocalyptic dream with sudden bouts of sheer terror, ecstasy, and nastiness.
Air 2015 Movie Djimon Hounsou as Cartwright going into hibernation

Air [2015]

Air is the breath of fresh air in that somewhat stale post-apocalyptic genre. Granted, the execution was a bit wobbly, suffering from standard-issue...
ARQ 2016 Movie Robbie Amell as Renton waking up

ARQ [2016]

Time loop movies are a thing now and with a gripping atmosphere, great writing, and well-developed characters ARQ is definitely one of the better ones.
Dead End Drive In 1986 Movie Ned Manning as Crabs holding a shotgun

Dead End Drive-In [1986]

Underrated and incredibly stylish, Dead End Drive-In is one of the most authentic post-apocalyptic movies of the eighties with a poignant story about conformism.
Neon City 1991 Movie Lyle Alzado as bulk standing in front of the bus holding a gun

Neon City [1991]

Doubling as a road trip movie, Neon City is a decent post-apocalyptic Mad Max ripoff with a fun cast, fully fleshed out world, and a strong western vibe.
Mindwarp 1992 Movie Bruce Campbell as Stover holding a crossbow dressed in fur while a Crawler is about to throw a sling at him from water

Mindwarp [1992]

Visceral and gory, Mindwarp is an underrated post-apocalyptic movie that combines this environment with virtual reality and a lot of philosophical motives.
Cherry 2000 1987 Movie David Andrews as Sam Treadwell walking away from the red car and towards Melanie Griffith as E. Johnson looking through the special binoculars

Cherry 2000 [1987]

Extremely entertaining and easy-going eighties science-fiction extravaganza complete with a post-apocalyptic setting, crazy fashion, and great pacing.