Training Day 2001 Movie Scene Denzel Washington as Alonzo holding a gun pointed to the driver of the car with Ethan Hawke as Jake backing him up

Training Day [2001]

Captivating, pulpy, and just so fucking cool, Training Day is much more than a hood, police, or a crime thriller, it's a fucking masterpiece.
Phone Booth [2002] Movie Review Recommendation

Phone Booth [2002]

Directed by Joel Schumacher (The Lost Boys, Flatliners, 8MM, Town Creek), Phone Booth is one of those rare mainstream movies that features an...
Detroit Rock City 1999 Movie Scene Giuseppe Andrews as Lex , James DeBello as Trip and Sam Huntington as Jam watching their friend getting beat up by the disco crowd on a highway

Detroit Rock City [1999]

Incredibly charming, especially if you belong to the whole outcast subculture, Detroit Rock City is an engaging coming-of-age masterpiece.
Dead End 2003 Movie Scene Ray Wise as Frank shining a light to a dead body on the road while the rest of the family is in the back

Dead End [2003]

Creative, authentic, and above all refreshing, Dead End is a horror movie infused with a lot of black humor and engrossing mystery.
Jeepers Creepers II [2003] Movie Review Recommendation

Jeepers Creepers II [2003]

It's hard to tell is this part better than the first one, but one thing is for sure, this part is more brutal than the first one. So, two years after...
Dazed and Confused [1993] Movie Review Recommendation

Dazed and Confused [1993]

How to write an objective review for a movie that influenced you greatly? I'm sure that this can be done, but I just don't want to do it. A bit of...
The Mist [2007] Movie Review Recommendation

The Mist [2007]

The thing about Stephen King is that his novels have this eerie quality that only certain directors can pull off. For example, Stephen himself...
Clerks 1994 Movie Scene Brian O'Halloran as Dante and Jeff Anderson as Randal working in the store

Clerks [1994]

Do not let the black and white cinematography fool you, Clerks is one of the most honest and funniest movies you'll ever see.
Splinter 2008 Movie Scene Paulo Costanzo as Seth, Jill Wagner as Polly and Shea Whigham as Dennis locked in a gas station

Splinter [2008]

Mostly relying on good old practical effects, Splinter is an engaging "let's board up and defend against monsters" gory body horror movie.
Feast 2005 Movie Scene Jenny Wade as Honey Pie completely covered in blood pointing to the monster skullfucking a deer's head ornament

Feast [2005]

Devilishly nasty, Feast is a fun horror-comedy about a bunch of diverse characters hiding in a bar from deadly and horny monsters.
Tape [2001] Movie Review Recommendation

Tape [2001]

This MTV movie starring Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman looks cheap, feels cheap and it is cheap. However, it’s amazing what good script can do. Story...