ARQ 2016 Movie Robbie Amell as Renton waking up

ARQ [2016]

Time loop movies are a thing now and with a gripping atmosphere, great writing, and well-developed characters ARQ is definitely one of the better ones.
Blood Punch 2014 Movie Milo Cawthorne as Milton looking at a message

Blood Punch [2014]

Entertaining and authentic, Blood Punch blends horror, thriller, and action genres with the time loop gimmick effortlessly into one hell of an indie movie.

Boss Level [2021]

Boss Level is a juicy time-loop action movie that offers a steady pace of violence powered by Frank Grillo's strong performance and sleek special effects.
Palm Springs 2020 Movie Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti sitting by the pool and drinking beer

Palm Springs [2020]

Sometimes mainstream comedies actually turn out pretty good and Palm Springs is one of them. It features familiar concepts and characters but still manages to stay entertaining and refreshing.
Looper [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Looper [2012]

Due to extensive hype that surrounded this movie upon its release I am sure that you probably heard about it and probably watched it, but since the...
Triangle [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Triangle [2009]

It is very hard to classify the genre of this movie, it combines horror, mystery and thriller elements that come together in a blend that is very...