Predestination 2014 Movie Scene Ethan Hawke as The Barkeep holding a gun in a laundry room

Predestination [2014]

Featuring a thought-provoking and engaging story, Predestination is an intelligent time travel movie not only for fans of hard science fiction.
ARQ 2016 Movie Robbie Amell as Renton waking up

ARQ [2016]

Time loop movies are a thing now and with a gripping atmosphere, great writing, and well-developed characters ARQ is definitely one of the better ones.
Tenet 2020 Movie John David Washington and Robert Pattinson in a car driving down the highway

Tenet [2020]

You don't have to fully understand Tenet to enjoy lavish and extravagant action sequences, intriguing time travel concepts, and beautiful cinematography.
+1 [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

+1 [2013]

Entertaining indie science fiction movie with a healthy dose of comedy and horror. Think Superbad meets Donnie Darko, but with a secret twist.
Retroactive [1997] Movie Review Recommendation

Retroactive [1997]

After all those new blockbusters it's time to go back in time with Retroactive, a movie about going back in time. This raw diamond has been unnoticed...
Looper [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Looper [2012]

Due to extensive hype that surrounded this movie upon its release I am sure that you probably heard about it and probably watched it, but since the...
Altitude [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Altitude [2010]

It's really hard to define this movie, it uses typical ingredients for a teenage horror movie, but still, it's much more than just that mixing...
Hot Tub Time Machine [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Hot Tub Time Machine [2010]

Praised by many, i did not like that much this movie. It's okay and nothing more and stop comparing it to Hangover, apart from the obvious...
Army of Darkness [1992] Movie Review Recommendation

Army of Darkness [1992]

Cult classics are the hardest movies to review. There are so many things to talk about, especially if you saw the movie several times. And if you saw...
Les Visiteurs 1993 Movie Christian Clavier as Jacquard and Jean Reno as Godefroy in the bathroom drinking water from the toilet

Les Visiteurs [1993]

As a definition of a non-stop laughs comedy, Les Visiteurs is also a very engaging movie with charming characters, hilarious dialogue, and huge replay value.