Narc 2002 Movie Scene Ray Liotta as Henry Oak holding a tape recorder in a chop shop

Narc [2002]

Narc is a classic example of a gritty police thriller done right featuring a phenomenal cast, dark atmosphere, and quite a story to tell.
In Too Deep 1999 Movie Omar Epps and LL Cool J as God standing in the street in rain holding a gun to a head of snitch

In Too Deep [1999]

Based on a true story, In Too Deep is an engaging and authentic thriller following a young cop who goes undercover trying to get a ruthless drug lord
Deep Cover 1992 Movie Laurence Fishburne and Jeff Goldblum waiting by the car

Deep Cover [1992]

Raw and gritty, In Too Deep is an undercover cop movie set in the hood with an authentic script, immersive atmosphere, and convincing performances.
ID 1995 Movie Reece Dinsdale with a bloody cheek getting carried away by two policeman at the stadium after an incident

I.D. [1995]

I.D. is that gritty and authentic movie about hooligans you've been looking for. It's an excellent character study showing you the transformation into one.