Below 2002 Movie Scene Bruce Greenwood as Brice and Holt McCallany as Loomis waiting for the right moment to send a signal

Below [2002]

Suspenseful and claustrophobic, Below is an underrated masterpiece following a doomed submarine crew during WWII as they descend into hell.
DeepStar Six 1989 Movie The crew helping Matt McCoy as Richardson out of this huge diving suit

DeepStar Six [1989]

DeepStar Six is an undemanding and character-oriented underwater science fiction thriller reminiscent of Alien with a good cast and decent atmosphere.
Leviathan 1989 Movie Crew of miners walking on the bottom of the ocean in huge diving suits

Leviathan [1989]

Leviathan borrowed so many elements from Alien and The Thing, that we shouldn't be mad but amazed at what ultimately turned out to be a charming homage.
The Rift 1990 Movie R. Lee Ermey, Ray Wise and Deborah Adair looking at the progress of others on a submarine screen

The Rift [1990]

If you're a fan of eighties underwater movies check out The Rift, a charmingly stereotypical movie with decent practical effects and good pacing.
Breaking Surface 2020 Movie Moa Gammel lighting a flare to signal a plane flying over her

Breaking Surface [2020]

Fast-paced and intense, Breaking Surface is a high-concept thriller unfolding in real-time and following two sisters who get in trouble during a dive.
47 Meters Down 2017 Movie Chumming the waters for sharks

47 Meters Down [2017]

Sleek looking but very commercial shark movie that will keep you interested for an hour and half. If you're looking for some harmless fun, look no more.
Sphere [1998] Movie Review Recommendation

Sphere [1998]

Based on a novel by Micheal Crichton, Sphere is an engaging movie with a distinctly scientific approach, an all-star cast, and a mysterious atmosphere.