Anthropoid 2016 Movie Scene Jamie Dornan as Jan Kubis aiming his gun at the traitor in the forest outside of Prague

Anthropoid [2016]

Don't let the fact that Anthropoid is a war movie prevent you from watching it because this masterpiece based on true events is so much more.

The Beast of War [1988]

The Beast of War is not only one of the best war movies, but it's also one of the best anti-war and movies about tanks, a fucking masterpiece.
12 Strong 2018 Movie Scene Chris Hemsworth as Captain Mitch Nelson and Navid Negahban as General Dostum looking through binoculars

12 Strong [2018]

Failing to establish an engaging narrative despite the potency of the source material, 12 Strong is a barely watchable war movie with silly action.
Mosul 2019 Movie Scene Suhail Dabbach as Jasem about to attack a small Isis base

Mosul [2019]

Dark, gripping, authentic, violent but not celebrating violence, and featuring almost non-stop action, Mosul is simply one of the best war movies.
71 2014 Movie Scene Jack O'Connell as Gary Hook hiding in the toilet

’71 [2014]

Suspenseful and unpredictable, '71 follows a soldier lost and pursued in the wrong part of Belfast at the height of the Northern Ireland conflict.
The Siege of Jadotville 2016 Movie Jamie Dornan as Patrick Quinlan and Jason O'Mara as Jack Prendergast

The Siege of Jadotville [2016]

Suspenseful and personal, The Siege of Jadotville tells a story of an intentionally forgotten real battle without melodrama, amplified by great acting.
Blood Diamond 2006 Movie Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou

Blood Diamond [2006]

With an engaging story and stunning cinematography, Blood Diamond is a well-crafted movie that will not only keep your attention but also make you think.
The Outpost 2020 Movie Scott Eastwood as SSG Clint Romesha charging towards the camera

The Outpost [2020]

Based on a true story of the Battle of Kamdesh, The Outpost is an intense war movie with a foreboding atmosphere soon exploding into non-stop action.
Ghosts of War 2020 Movie Brenton Thwaites, Theo Rossi, Kyle Gallner, Skylar Astin and Alan Ritchson walking through a street filled with rubble and fire on their way to the castle

Ghosts of War [2020]

A flawed horror with great themes (WWII and occult), good cast and cinematography that might be worth watching if you like these things.
Act Of Valor [2012] Two soldiers, one sniper and one spotter in full camouflage about to take a shot scene

Act Of Valor [2012]

One hell of a recruitment video for the American Army masking as a competently shot movie with real soldiers and great cinematography.
Zero Dark Thirty [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Zero Dark Thirty [2012]

It would seem that Kathryn Bigelow after her great success with The Hurt Locker gained enough credit to do this little big movie about the hunt for...
Triage Movie 2009 Scene Colin Farrell as Mark Walsh smoking a cigarette after a skirmish

Triage [2009]

Triage is a different type of war movie, the one that deals with the consequences of such a tragic event. And don't think this is some boring drama...
The Hurt Locker [2008] Movie Review Recommendation

The Hurt Locker [2008]

This is a war flick, but there is much more to it than war. Following lives of soldiers assigned to the bomb squad in Iraq, this movie truly depicts...