Black 47 2018 Movie Scene James Frecheville as Feeney on a horse and holding a rifle

Black ’47 [2018]

Black '47 is a relevant, compelling, and slow-burning revenge thriller set against the backdrop of the most tragic piece of Irish history.
The Nightingale 2018 Movie Aisling Franciosi as Clare and Baykali Ganambarr as Billy

The Nightingale [2018]

Traumatic and intense, The Nightingale is a different breed of western and a revenge movie that also honestly explores colonialism and misogyny.
The Burrowers 2008 Burial scene

The Burrowers [2008]

Indie creature feature with a lot of heart and guts. Set in The Old West it follows a posse looking for justice after a horrific massacre.
Bone Tomahawk 2015 Kurt Russell as Sheriff Hunt and Richard Jenkins as Chicory waiting in ambush scene

Bone Tomahawk [2015]

Everything about this movie was just so fucking cool! Starting from that masculine and visceral title that just screams cult to its multi-talented...
The Salvation [2014] Movie Eva Green burial scene

The Salvation [2014]

A very engaging and original take on a familiar western story with stunning vistas, visuals, and strong performances from Mads Mikkelsen and Eva Green.
Dead In Tombstone [2013] Movie Danny Trejo as Guerrero sitting in a bar drinking scene

Dead In Tombstone [2013]

A fun and entertaining grindhouse-like western with strong fantasy elements on a budget. But hey, at least it has Danny Trejo and Mickey Rourke.
True Grit [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

True Grit [2010]

The latest Coen brothers movie is finally here (the next one is Gambit in 2012), and I have to say that you need to be a bit warned before checking...
The Proposition [2005] Movie Review Recommendation

The Proposition [2005]

This Aussie western flick is truly the strange one. First of  all, the script has been written by Nick Cave (the singer, if you do not know who he...
Appaloosa [2008] Movie Review Recommendation

Appaloosa [2008]

This is the second western that I checked out recently, first one being The Proposition, a dark and brooding Australian movie. While the Aussies...
The Wild Bunch [1969] Movie Review Recommendation

The Wild Bunch [1969]

This is it, this is what we need in today's Twilight world. There are no pumped, half naked guys, no pretty girls, no good nor bad guys, just life....