Containment 2015 Movie Scene People in orange hazmat suits setting up tents outside the apartment building

Containment [2015]

It feels strange recommending a movie about a deadly epidemic from 2015 but Containment is just such a movie. I stumbled upon it while looking for stories set within closed environments. We now know all too well the growing feeling of unrest and fear that comes with such a story and setting. Unfortunately, the disjointed storytelling and lack of character development prevented it from reaching its full potential. So, just don’t expect wonders and you should be okay. Also, I wonder if people watching this movie in ten years will find it traumatic? Hell, seeing people with masks in something made some six years ago felt fucked up now. And it’s just 2021.

Containment features an intense and suspenseful atmosphere fueled by mystery and uncertainty. It feels very personal and honest. However, I must say that they were trying too hard to make it relatable. It also has a vibe of a Stephen King movie, similar to The Mist or The Storm of the Century. However, I must say that the images we’re about to see were eerily similar to the stuff that was happening in China during 2020. Those videos were truly harrowing and a sobering experience as to what might happen. I would love to go into detail, but I don’t want to spoil anything. So, if you’re interested, there’s always google and loads of informative articles about this.

Mark, an artist living in one of London Tower blocks is in a hurry. He’s gotta make it to the court, but soon realizes that he’s locked into his own apartment. After he realizes this, his mobile phone malfunctions suggesting that something big is going on…

I think that this movie’s biggest flaw is that it tried to tackle just too many issues all at once. That cannot be done without perfectly thought out characters and script. The diluted story that’s going nowhere and a strange finale of Containment left me wondering should I recommend this movie to you? As you probably figured out, I’ve made my decision.

After all, it’s worth watching if for nothing else than for the questions that it raises. What would you do in the same situation and is there any course of action that could lead you to safety? The recent events may provide you with some clues as to what would happen and how you would behave. They also might trigger some emotions that will help with the flawed storytelling.

Finally, if you’re looking for movies similar to Containment, I recommend Attack The Block, Rec and Tower Block. And when it comes to movies dealing with pandemics you might take a look at a nineties classic Outbreak and totally fucked up Contagion. Enjoy.

Director: Neil Mcenery-West

Writers: David Lemon, Neil Mcenery-West, Antony Woodruffe

Cast: Louise Brealey, Pippa Nixon, Lee Ross, Penny Judd, Christos Lawton, Gabriel Senior

Fun Facts: The original story for this movie features just one man alone in his apartment.


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