Lets Be Cops 2014 Movie Scene Jake Johnson as Ryan smoking a joint dressed as a cop with Damon Wayans Jr. as Justin looking at him

Let’s Be Cops [2014]

Unpretentious and charming Let’s Be Cops is one of those feel-good comedies that you will keep coming back to. The concept is simple and yet so effective. Who knew that the abuse of power could be so funny? Actually, Let’s Be Cops is one of two recent parodies of the old school buddy cop action comedies, the other being The Other Guys. They were really careful about condemning the acts committed in the movie, and perhaps some of those scenes felt a bit forced. However, they were necessary and cannot be considered as something that spoiled the pleasure. And there’s a lot of pleasure to be had here.

Sometimes you just want to watch a dumb comedy that might actually surprise you. Let’s Be Cops features quite an intelligent script and a lot of hilarious improv from seasoned stand-up comics. I know that this sounds like one of those cringy setups, but trust me, it’s not. Not for the most part anyway. There are a couple of unrealistic scenes that really shouldn’t be there. They break up the flow of the movie but what can you do. At least we have a coherent narrative to follow and not just a series of funny incidents. And there will be plenty of them. Just keep an eye on the “I came in like wrecking ball”. Plus I’ve got these three words for you: Rob Motherfucking Riggle!

Ryan and Justin are both struggling to succeed in the city of angels. So far, they have had little success. Ryan is just getting by with his acting gigs and a capricious boss is turning down Justin’s video games. They are both considering leaving L.A. and moving back to Ohio. However, one faithful night they decide to go to a costume party as cops. The rest is history.

I also think we need to talk about the whole issue of policing in America. It’s part of a much larger problem of the tribal system of values where the police is just one of the instruments of realization of that vision. No amount of police reform is going to fix the problem because you won’t be able to effectively realize it. The only thing that’s going to solve this issue along with all the rest is coming clean on the whole system of values that will, in turn, change the way police operate and police officers themselves. Now that we solved that, I want to say that Let’s Be Cops didn’t feel disrespectful or polarizing. It’s just an easygoing comedy not here to solve problems but to make you laugh.

And while we’re on this subject I just loved the focus on the struggling working man. It also taps into the lack of confidence and that feeling you’re invisible to the rest of society. When you think about it, it’s truly amazing how would people treat you differently just because you have a blue suit on. It’s the 21st century and the fact we have members of our society in charge of security dressed differently feels somehow archaic. And here I go again ranting about shit when all I should say is watch this hilarious movie. If you’re looking for something similar check out CHIPS and Get Hard. I also smell a sequel on this one but until it comes out: Let’s Be Cops!

Director: Luke Greenfield

Writer: Luke Greenfield, Nicholas Thomas

Cast: Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr., Rob Riggle, Nina Dobrev, James D’Arcy, Andy Garcia

Fun Facts: Damon Wayans, jr. is the son of Damon Wayans who played opposite Bruce Willis in The Last Boy Scout. In the movie Wayans also did detective work alongside Willis although he wasn’t one.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1924435/

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