Weirdsville 2007 Movie Scene Scott Speedman as Dexter and Wes Bentley as Royce as two drug addicts who just broke into a house

Weirdsville [2007]

Movies about inept criminals are always fun and if those criminals happen to be also junkies, they’re twice the fun. Weirdsville is a hilarious and fast-paced blend of dark humor, action and crime. I think you already know what to expect, a bizarre and fun story plus a lot of crazy situations. I’m trying to think of a movie that started this trend but only Trainspotting comes to mind. Since then we had Spun, Go, and another Canadian movie about three hapless junkies in a lot of trouble: High Life. Of course, we have a whole subgenre of stoner movies but that’s something entirely else.

What I really liked about Weirdsville is its upbeat atmosphere. Usually, movies like this take a few breaks to warn us about certain issues but not Weirdsville! This is an unapologetically wild ride that keeps that casual and vibrant atmosphere ’till the end. And this also means it will leave you in a good mood. We will be following Dexter and Royce, two drug addicts who keep getting into trouble. Sometimes by their own fault but sometimes purely by accident. They’re played by Scott Speedman and Wes Bentley who had amazing chemistry here. Wes Bently who was in the middle of his own addiction to cocaine and heroin.

He actually said that he took this role along with a slew of others just to pay for his drug habit. So you know the motherfucker was in character here. All joking aside, the entire cast here was great not just these two. The script sometimes feels a bit improvy but when it lands it fucking lands. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud several times and I don’t do that very often. Well, if I’m watching movies not high that is. And I can only imagine what would happen if you smoked a joint and watched this movie.

Dexter and Royce are two best friends living in the small town of Weedsville, Ontario. We find them in the middle of a burglary casually breaking into a huge mansion. However, this isn’t the strangest thing that’s happened to them this week. They’ve had run-ins with local drug lords, Satanists, good Samaritans, and one very dangerous security guard…

Weirdsville feels very personal and honest. It could be that that small-town vibe is getting to me as I remember my time in one of them or it could be something else. It’s also a bit messy and the storytelling is a bit off. I’m guessing because of that fast-pacing we zip through certain scenes that will later become important. Or the general crazy mood just makes them seem off as if they’re normal. And the whole satanic cult angle is just the cherry on the top. Lucifer commands it! This is definitely dangerously close to the arthouse genre but I like it and I think you will too.

Finally, I would like to mention two more movies that felt similar to this one. While In Bruges might be a classic, I think you haven’t heard much about the Australian crime comedy Gettin’ Square. David Wenham was phenomenal as Johnny Francis Spit Spitieri, a drug addict with a special ability to get in and out of trouble. So, do check out that movie if you’re looking for something a bit brighter than the darkness of Weirdwille. 

Director: Allan Moyle

Writers: Willem Wennekers, Sarah Dodd, Robert Conte

Cast: Scott Speedman, Wes Bentley, Taryn Manning, Greg Bryk, Maggie Castle, Raoul Bhaneja

Fun Facts: Wes Bently’s character Royce is sporting a friendly mutton chops facial hair style.


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