2 Days in the Valley 1996 Movie Scene Teri Hatcher as Becky pulling away her white panties to show a puncture wound on her butt cheek to Jeff Daniels as Alvin and Eric Stoltz as Wes

2 Days In The Valley [1996]

2 Days In The Valley is one of those laidback and unassuming crime comedies you easily overlook. I sure know I did. And I really don’t know why because it features so many things I like. Again we’re getting strong Pulp Fiction vibes and all that was missing from the script were drugs and dance-offs. You already know how this goes we follow a bunch of diverse characters and their intersecting lives that make one hell of an experience.

As its title suggests, 2 Days In The Valley takes place in Los Angeles over the course of two very hot days. However, it’s not just the days that are hot here but also the cast. What’s going to greet you first when you play this movie are the lovable faces of charming Danny Aiello and stone-cold James Spader. However, the story takes us next to the home of Becky Foxx played by stunningly beautiful Teri Hatcher.

Seven long years have passed since we’ve first seen her in Tango & Cash and she’s now a very skillful actress with looks that kill. And they’ve must have heard about my Ripley white panties fetish because Teri’s wearing them.

You should also know that 2 Days In The Valley was also a debut for Charlize Theron, just to make things even better. And although I’m not nearly done with the cast, I will have to stop because I’m already rambling. I just have to mention Jeff Daniels and Eric Stoltz playing two detectives just perfectly. Check out Eric in Avary’s Killing Zoe for a darker and more intense experience. Here, things are much steamier and hotter, kind of like in another underrated nineties movie The Trigger Effect.

Dosmo and Lee are two veteran hitmen and they’re about to do their latest job. Poor Roy Foxx, who’s been trying to get together with his ex-wife all night is soon going to meet his faith. At the same time, all across the Valley, several people are going about their lives not knowing that exactly faith is going to bring them together. Bring them together in a most unusual and weird way. For some, this will be the best two days of their lives and for some the last.

The stories we will following here all neatly intersect offering a very juicy and intriguing slice of life in the Valley. By the way, The Valley is San Fernando Valley, home of Warner Bros. and Walt Disney Studios among other attractions. This is an affluent neighborhood with its fair share of crime and crazy situations. After all, we’re talking about L.A. here.

The story takes a couple of slightly forced turns but that’s not such a big deal. Mostly because it’s trying to entertain you without coming off as too quirky or emotionally draining. For example, Syriana, Babel and even Crash feature much more labor-intensive stories. So, if you’re looking for something casual and yet engaging, 2 Days in the Valley is a perfect choice.

Director: John Herzfeld

Writer: John Herzfeld

Cast: Teri Hatcher, Danny Aiello, Charlize Theron, James Spader, Paul Mazursky, Jeff Daniels, Greg Cruttwell

Fun Facts: Since this was Charlize Theron’s first role she ended up really punching Teri Hatcher in the face. She bought her beer to make up for that.


IMDb Link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0115438/

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