If you are looking for some weird and totally whacked out movie, look no more. This is as twisted as it gets, a medical school dropout that is interested in electronics made a perfect gift, a lawnmower that has a remote. While playing with it his fiancée accidentally gets chopped up by it, leaving only the head intact. He will have to combine his knowledge of medicine and electronics to try to bring his wife to life again. The only problem now is how to get the parts, the perfect parts… And when problems get overwhelming just use a drill to relieve the pressure by drilling the brain a bit.

Gore, blood, explosions, and lots of nudity blended with some twisted humor created a strange mixture. Frankenhooker does not have that all comical view and vibe to the events, but it rather remains serious on some really funny situations. I know that effects are not so great but the vintage feel and look of the movie are incentive enough to check it out. You just have to admire the eighties with their unconventional approach to classical tales of old. It was somehow both frightening and larger-than-life, with healthy dose of humor. Nowadays it’s all pretty predictable, the heroes of the old are being fitted in roles that are corresponding with highest grossing trends. So Hansel and Gretel became witch hunters and Red Riding Hood [2011] can’t decide between two lovers…

Director: Frank Henenlotter

Cast: James Lorinz, Joanne Ritchie, Patty Mullen, J.J. Clark, Carissa Channing, Shirl Bernheim

Fun Stuff: Writer/director Frank Henenlotter improvised the basic story at a pitch meeting. After getting the okay to make the picture, he then wrote the script for the movie.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0099611/

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