Galaxy Quest is a movie about Star Trek and everything surrounding the television series. From sets to conventions and actors, everything is present and accounted for. Now a cult classic, lets start with the fucking crew that’s a sure sign of quality. Starting with young Sam Rockwell, rocking that Guy spacesuit, continuing with Justin Long’s debut and finally ending up with Rainn Wilson in a role of an extraterrestrial. And these were not the stars of the movie, I won’t waste lines on their street cred. The script is densly packed with small jokes and gags, while the main story is more in the vein of the real series, featuring a very original and engaging events. I also liked how they derived humor both from the series and the real life events. For example, when Gwen talks about an article almost entirely dedicated to her boobs, this actually happened to Jery Ryan or Seven of Nine. There are a lot of these nods to things that have happened over the years involving Star Trek.

So, cast of the cult TV show (that is almost the same as Star Trek) is a strange group of individuals, each with his own problems and weird personalities. When their egocentric leader accidentally embarks on a real spaceship and promises aliens that he will deliver them from the dangerous enemy, it will take the strength of them all to overcome this obstacle. At the end, I must also mention special effects that look amazing almost twenty fucking years later. The script is very funny and intelligent and I think that even the people that have never seen an episode of Star Trek will enjoy it.

Director: Dean Parisot

Cast: Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub, Sam Rockwell, Daryl Mitchell

Fun Stuff: Sigourney Weaver said that whenever she put on the blonde wig to become Gwen, “I could feel my IQ drop precipitously”.


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