Earthquake Bird 2019 Movie Alicia Vikander as Lucy Fly holding a bonsai tree

Earthquake Bird [2019]

As an incredibly immersive character study, Earthquake Bird is a different kind of romance movie driven by Alicia Vikander's committed performance.
Suntan 2016 Movie Makis Papadimitriou as Kostis holding bags of beer on the beach in front of the gang

Suntan [2016]

Set on a stunningly beautiful Greek island and featuring a lot of tasteful nudity and immersive atmosphere, Suntan explores passion, life, and romance.
Into The Wild 2007 Movie Image Emile Hirsch as Chris McCandless in a shirt and shorts walking through the forest

Into the Wild [2007]

Based on the life of Christopher McCandless, Into the Wild is a wanderlust epic firmly rooted in reality with powerful performances and cinematography.
Stuart A Life Backwards 2007 Movie Tom Hardy as Stuart Shorter on the streets of Cambridge

Stuart: A Life Backwards [2007]

As one of the best movies you've never heard of, Stuart: A Life Backwards is a surprisingly vibrant and entertaining masterpiece based on true events.
La Haine 1995 Movie Vincent Cassel as Vinz holding a gun next to Hubert Koundé and Saïd Taghmaoui

La Haine [1995]

Don't be put off by the black and white cinematography or the year of production, La Haine is a timeless masterpiece that will stay with you for a long time.
Richard Jewell 2019 Movie Paul Walter Hauser dressed in a security guard shirt with his pass

Richard Jewell [2019]

Directed by Clint Eastwood, Richard Jewell is a gripping character study based on real events with an important story that needs to be heard and understood.
Control 2007 Movie Sam Riley as Ian Curtis singing in a studio

Control [2007]

Emotional and personal, Control is a different type of biopic, both telling the story of Ian Curtis, singer of Joy Division, and talking about depression.
Get on Up 2014 Movie Chadwick Boseman as James Brown in a golden onesie talking to the camera

Get on Up [2014]

With a stellar performance of Chadwick Boseman as James Brown, Get on Up is a fun biopic with a lot of music and non-linear storytelling worth watching.

The Best of Enemies [2019]

Based on a true story, this is one of those dramas with a really good and engaging atmosphere. The story unfolds matter-of-factly, without melodramatic moments or forced scenes. And it is a crazy story, a story that might seem stranger than fiction, but it is nevertheless true.

Hillbilly Elegy [2020]

With a slow and steady pace, Hillbilly Elegy is not the grand Oscar bait but a straight-forward story about the American Dream based on real events.
The Devil All the Time 2020 Movie Bill Skarsgård lighting a cigarette in a military uniform

The Devil All the Time [2020]

Delightfully subversive and engaging, The Devil All the Time examines our society through the lens of religion without forcing conclusions on the viewer.
Dark Waters 2019 Mark Ruffalo as Rob Bilott and Bill Camp as Wilbur Tennant looking at poisoned lake in Parkersburg

Dark Waters [2019]

A slow-burner drama/thriller based on actual events about one of the biggest pollution cases in the world that will make you question human society.

Return to Paradise [1998]

If you told me twenty years ago that I would be rating 10 a movie starring Vince Vaughn, Ann Heche and Joaquim Phoenix, I would call you a liar. Vince was douchbaggy, Ann too bland and I didn't even know who...