Stretch 2014 Movie Scene Patrick Wilson as Stretch sitting on the road and smoking a cigarette

Stretch [2014]

Meet Stretch, an unlucky limo driver who's about to embark on a hilarious and action-packed crazy adventure over the course of one night.
Kate 2021 Movie Scene Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Kate wearing sunglasses and smoking a cigarette

Kate [2021]

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Asian setting and vibes and sleek visuals make Kate, otherwise generic but pacey action movie worth checking out.
Executive Decision 1996 Movie Scene Kurt Russell as David Grant and Whip Hubley as Sgt. Michael Baker looking at the bomb

Executive Decision [1996]

Entertaining and suspenseful, Executive Decision is one of those sturdy nineties action movies with a great cast you can watch any time.
Cobra 1986 Movie Scene Sylvester Stallone as Marion Cobretti wearing sunglasses and playing with a matchstick in the corner of his mouth

Cobra [1986]

Cheesy, over-the-top but with a couple of memorable elements, Cobra is a perfect example of an entertaining action movie from the eighties.
Free Guy 2021 Movie Scene Ryan Reynolds as Guy wearing a blue shirt with a building exploding behind him

Free Guy [2021]

Free Guy is exactly the action-packed, sleek-looking, over-the-top entertaining action movie you think it is. Plus, the story is not half bad.
Black Dog 1998 Movie Scene Patrick Swayze as Jack Crews and Gabriel Casseus as Sonny looking at an exposion

Black Dog [1998]

Charming in a way only a B-action movie can be, Black Dog is an entertaining thrill ride with huge trucks, shootouts, and lots of humor.
Tango and Cash 1989 Movie Scene Sylvester Stallone as Tango and Kurt Russell as Cash in prison uniforms

Tango and Cash [1989]

Incredibly entertaining, Tango and Cash is one of the most underrated buddy cop movies from the eighties with just the perfect cast.
No Escape 2015 Movie Scene Lake Bell as Annie Dwyer and Owen Wilson as Jack Dwyer holding their daughters on the rooftop of hotel

No Escape [2015]

Imagine you went on a holiday with your family and soon found yourself fighting for your life. With No Escape, you don't have to imagine that.
Office Uprising 2018 Movie Scene Brenton Thwaites as Desmond, Jane Levy as Samantha and Karan Soni as Mourad peaking behind the corner with dead bodies behind them

Office Uprising [2018]

Entirely forgettable albeit quite gory, Office Uprising is one of those mindless entertainment movies perfect for spacing out.
Jungle Cruise 2021 Movie Scene Dwayne Johnson as Frank Wolff and Emily Blunt as Lily Houghton aboard his boat

Jungle Cruise [2021]

Jungle Cruise is exactly the brainless, visually stunning, and woke issues updated fun adventure movie you are expecting it to be.
Darkman 1991 Movie Scene Liam Neeson as Peyton Westlake running away from the explosion and helicopter behind him

Darkman [1990]

Do not be fooled by the generic title, Darkman is a action-packed and authentic R-rated superhero movie with a strong emotional undertone.
12 Strong 2018 Movie Scene Chris Hemsworth as Captain Mitch Nelson and Navid Negahban as General Dostum looking through binoculars

12 Strong [2018]

Failing to establish an engaging narrative despite the potency of the source material, 12 Strong is a barely watchable war movie with silly action.