Final Destination 6 is coming in 2025

Get ready, Final Destination 6 is coming in 2025!

Say what you will about the Final Destination franchise but you can’t deny its entertainment value. You already know the deal, people narrowly escape death only for it to come looking for them. What follows are a series of freak accidents missing the usual slasher killer. The original movie was my introduction to the modern horror genre and it’s still worth watching. Actually, the whole series of movies, five of them total, makes for one hell of a movie night or two. Thirteen years after Final Destination 5, it appears that we will finally get another installment in this franchise.

The principal photography began in early January 2024. The filming was supposed to start in May, giving the production team enough time to wrap things up by the end of this year. With that in mind, we can expect that the release date for Final Destination 6 will be sometime in late 2025. When it comes to the plot, there are several rumors circling around. The first idea was to follow a group of first responders, people who have to deal with death on a daily basis. This would mark a departure from the familiar “teens in trouble” formula.

However, it seems that it’s more likely that the story will be focusing on an elderly woman whose descendants are now being chased by death. Her name is Esther and she saved a group of people fifty years ago from a tower collapse. This would be in line with the original working title for the movie: Final Destination 6: Bloodlines. Still, I cannot confirm that this is actually the case. The same goes for the cast as we only know that Tony Todd will be reprising his role as William Bludworth, a funeral home director with an intimate knowledge of how death works.

The directors are Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein whose previous movie, 2018’s Freaks wasn’t too bad. Another great sign is the involvement of Jeffrey Reddick, a constant in the Final Destination universe. If you had a feeling that old slasher franchises are coming back to life you’re not wrong. Especially when you consider that one of the writers of Final Destination 6 is Guy Busick along with Lori Evans Taylor. Busick wrote the scripts for both Scream 2022 and Scream VI 2023. I think the movie will try to strike a balance between the new meta approach and familiar franchise gimmicks.

Everybody involved in the production is pretty much tightlipped keeping both the story and the atmosphere under the veil of mystery. However, they’ve said that the movie will delve deeper into the metaphysical concepts surrounding death, predeterminism, and fate. If we consider everything we know, it’s safe to say that this entry will be less humorous than the others. And that’s pretty much everything we know about this movie. As always, I will update this page as more information comes out. And just be careful next time you’re getting out of the shower, you never know…