The Ruins 2008 Movie Scene An aerial shot of the pyramid overgrown with vines with tourists trapped at the top

The Ruins [2008]

Following two young couples on a vacation from hell, The Ruins is a solid albeit a bit static horror with an exotic setting and nice gore.
Wishmaster 1997 Movie Scene Andrew Divoff as The Djinn holding the fire opal in his hand

Wishmaster [1997]

Featuring phenomenal practical effects, creature design, and a lot of gore, Wishmaster is a flawed but entertaining horror movie.
Last Night In Soho 2021 Movie Scene Anya Taylor-Joy as Sandie after her performance wearing a red bra

Last Night in Soho [2021]

Too uneven, stylish, and disjointed, Last Night in Soho is a technical masterpiece and a definition of style-over-substance.
The Night House 2020 Movie Scene Rebecca Hall as Beth in bathroom raising her hand to see if something is there

The Night House [2020]

Despite the familiar story, psychological horror The Night House feels oddly authentic amplified by Rebecca Hall's stellar performance.
Deathgasm 2015 Movie Scene Milo Cawthorne as Brodie and James Joshua Blake as Zakk covered in blood and wearing metal t-shirts

Deathgasm [2015]

Horror and metal go hand and in hand and when you add comedy to the mix you get Deathgasm, an incredibly entertaining and gory movie.
Titane 2021 Movie Scene Agathe Rousselle as Alexia taking a shower when she hears something pounding at the door

Titane [2021]

Grotesque, highly sexual, but in a fucked up way, and visually impressive, Titane is a polarizing movie about love, family, and car cum.
Wolfen 1981 Movie Scene Albert Finney as Dewey and Gregory Hines as Whittington during an autopsy of one of the victims

Wolfen [1981]

Wolfen is not a movie about werewolves but a refreshing eighties oddity following a detective investigating a string of vicious murders.
Lair 2021 Movie Scene Anya Newall as Joey all bloody screaming in the rain

Lair [2021]

More about family life than scary stuff, Lair is an intriguing indie horror with a familiar setting that's surprisingly easy to watch.
Old 2021 Movie Scene Aaron Pierre as Mid-Sized Sedan, Rufus Sewell as Charles, Ken Leung as Jarin, Abbey Lee as Chrystal, Vicky Krieps as Prisca and Thomasin McKenzie as Maddox looking at a corpse at the beach

Old [2021]

Clumsy and at times too heavy-handed, Old is a strange movie featuring one hell of a concept and exotic setting that make it worth checking out.
Escape Room 2019 Movie Scene Taylor Russell as Zoey Davis, Tyler Labine as Mike Nolan, Jay Ellis as Jason Walker and Logan Miller as Ben Miller in the upside down bar

Escape Room [2019]

Visually appealing, well-crafted and entertaining, Escape Room is one of those forgettable commercial distractions worth checking out.