Burying the Ex 2014 Movie Scene Anton Yelchin as Max holding a machete as he about to swing at Ashley Greene as Evelyn

Burying the Ex [2014]

If you've seen all the great zombie comedies, maybe it's time to move on to the decent ones, and Burying the Ex is a good place to start.
Hunter Hunter 2020 Movie Scene Camille Sullivan and Summer H. Howell standing near the river and screaming at the wolf

Hunter Hunter [2020]

Gripping, dark, and brooding, Hunter Hunter is an original and well-crafted slow-burner with an intense atmosphere that will simply blow you away.
Bloody Hell 2020 Movie Ben O'Toole as Rex on top of Pati stabbing stabbing him

Bloody Hell [2020]

Gory, engaging, and just the right amount over-the-top, Bloody Hell is a bizarrely funny Australian horror comedy with the right tone and attitude.
Green Room 2015 Movie Anton Yelchin, Joe Cole, Alia Shawkat, Callum Turner and Imogen Poots

Green Room [2015]

Some movies you remember for a long time and Green Room is one of them. An unsettling, claustrophobic, and intense masterpiece that will stay with you.
Berberian Sound Studio 2012 Movie Toby Jones as Gilderoy and Cosimo Fusco as Francesco in the studio

Berberian Sound Studio [2012]

Low-key and intriguing, Berberian Sound Studio is a flawed homage to the seventies Italian horror movies following one man's descent into madness.
The Autopsy of Jane Doe 2016 Movie Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch in the morgue

The Autopsy of Jane Doe [2016]

Featuring an authentic story and engaging atmosphere, The Autopsy of Jane Doe is an effective horror taking advantage of its inherently creepy setting.
The Ritual 2017 Movie Rafe Spall showing wounds on his chest in the forest

The Ritual [2017]

The Ritual offers a refreshing take of the "getting lost in the forest" sub-genre of horror movies featuring an engaging atmosphere and intriguing story.
The Invisible Man 2020 Movie Elisabeth Moss as Cecilia Kass afraid

The Invisible Man [2020]

Don't worry, they didn't mess up this 2020 iteration of The Invisible Man, offering a refreshing and surprisingly subdued take on the familiar story.

La Cueva [2014]

Hauntingly realistic and intense, La Cueva is a claustrophobic found-footage experience following a group of friends as they explore a hidden cave.
Freaky 2020 Movie Kathryn Newton, Celeste O'Connor and Misha Osherovich

Freaky [2020]

Entertaining and deliciously bloody, Freaky is a refreshing take on the body-switch theme with engaging performances by Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton.

Chang-gwol AKA Rampant [2018]

Set during the middle ages in the South Korean peninsula, Rampant is a visually stunning zombie movie that offers a refreshing look at the genre.
Blood Punch 2014 Movie Milo Cawthorne as Milton looking at a message

Blood Punch [2014]

Entertaining and authentic, Blood Punch blends horror, thriller, and action genres with the time loop gimmick effortlessly into one hell of an indie movie.
Nightbreed 1990 Movie Craig Sheffer, Doug Bradley and rest of the gang looking at you

Nightbreed [1990]

Written and directed by Clive Barker, Nightbreed is a visceral and grotesque albeit disjointed horror fairy tale with phenomenal monsters and visuals.