Poltergeist 2015 Movie Scene Kennedi Clements as Madison Bowen holding her hands on the television set

Poltergeist [2015]

As you might have expected, Poltergeist 2015 is a soulless remake with a few redeeming qualities that might prompt you to check it out.
The Final Girls 2015 Movie Scene Taissa Farmiga as Max Cartwright, Thomas Middleditch as Duncan, Alexander Ludwig as Chris Briggs, Nina Dobrev as Vicki Summers and Alia Shawkat as Gertie Michaels hiding behind the tree

The Final Girls [2015]

Poking fun at the eighties slashers, The Final Girls is, above all, a well-crafted horror comedy with a vibrant atmosphere and fast pacing.
Innocent Blood 1992 Movie Scene Nurse holding a severed arm that's burning up and screaming

Innocent Blood [1992]

I bet you never saw a movie that combined vampires and the Italian mafia into one darkly humorous and entertaining mixture sprinkled with nudity and gore.
Mayhem 2017 Movie Scene Steven Yeun as Derek Cho and Samara Weaving as Melanie Cross holding a nailgun

Mayhem [2017]

Starring Steven Yeun and Samara Weaving, Mayhem is a bloody and fun office-themed horror comedy with a sleek visual style.
Warning Sign 1985 Movie Scene Richard Dysart as Dr. Nielsen holding a vial and posing for a picture with the rest of the scientist in a laboratory

Warning Sign [1985]

Two and half minutes is all it takes for Warning Sign to hook you in and show you just how engaging, well-crafted, and realistic it is.
Turistas 2006 Movie Scene Josh Duhamel as Alex and Melissa George as Pru ordering drinks at the beach bar in Brazil

Turistas [2006]

If you're looking for a great horror movie that's more of a thriller with an exotic setting, sexy cast, and some gore, I give you Turistas.
The Night Flier 1997 Movie Scene Michael H. Moss as Dwight Renfield walking towards his black Cessna Skymaster wearing a large cape in the rain

The Night Flier [1997]

The Night Flier is a refreshingly authentic vampire movie based on a story by Stephen King driven by Miguel Ferrers' stellar performance.
The Green Inferno 2013 Movie Scene Lorenza Izzo as Justine, Daryl Sabara as Lars and Nicolás Martínez as Daniel riding a boat down the river with others and admiring the nature

The Green Inferno [2013]

Can you make a tasteful horror movie about cannibals living in the exotic jungles of South America? The Green Inferno is proof that you can.
Pet Sematary 2019 Movie Scene Jason Clarke as Louis going to bury the dead cat at the pet cemetery with Jud at night

Pet Sematary [2019]

Featuring updated visuals and an altered story, Pet Sematary is a decent remake of the 1989 classic with a creepy atmosphere and a lot of wasted potential.
Us 2019 Movie Scene Winston Duke holding a baseball bat with the rest of the family behind him as they first see the strangers

Us [2019]

Jordan Peele is at it again! After Get Out, a creative horror/comedy, he cranked up the horror and toned down the humor for Us, a true masterpiece.
Burying the Ex 2014 Movie Scene Anton Yelchin as Max holding a machete as he about to swing at Ashley Greene as Evelyn

Burying the Ex [2014]

If you've seen all the great zombie comedies, maybe it's time to move on to the decent ones, and Burying the Ex is a good place to start.
Hunter Hunter 2020 Movie Scene Camille Sullivan and Summer H. Howell standing near the river and screaming at the wolf

Hunter Hunter [2020]

Gripping, dark, and brooding, Hunter Hunter is an original and well-crafted slow-burner with an intense atmosphere that will simply blow you away.