Marrowbone 2017 Movie Scene Charlie Heaton as Billy holding a pipe in the attic with Mia Goth as Jane and Matthew Stagg as Sam

Marrowbone [2017]

Marrowbone is a clever and gloomy variation of the popular haunted house subgenre of horror films definitely worth your attention.
Prey AKA Proii 2016 Movie Scene Lion with blood all over his mouth getting ready to attack

Prey AKA Prooi [2016]

Featuring excellent special effects, Prey is an entertaining and very bloody blend of horror and comedy about a deadly lion loose in the city.
X 2022 Movie Scene Kid Cudi as Jackson having sex with Brittany Snow as Bobby-Lynne with Owen Campbell as RJ shooting and Jenna Ortega as Lorraine holding a mic

X [2022]

Behind the somewhat cryptic title X hides an atmospheric horror movie with excellent performances. I really think they could've come up with a better title than X. I mean, anything would be better than this....
Hatchet 2006 Movie Scene A group of tourists seeing Victor Crowly for the first time

Hatchet [2006]

Equal parts comedy and horror, Hatchet is an entertainingly dumb homage to eighties slasher movies with a lot of gore.
The Revenant 2009 Movie Scene David Anders as Bart getting his eyes checked at the hospital after finding out that he's undead

The Revenant [2009]

Despite being a bit messy and too long, The Revenant from 2009 is a refreshing, witty, and intelligent horror-comedy involving the undead.
Pumpkinhead 1988 Movie Scene Lance Henriksen as Ed on his way to the old witch

Pumpkinhead [1988]

Despite its cheerful title, Pumpkinhead is a dark fairy tale of rural revenge featuring excellent practical effects and makeup.
Scream 2022 Movie Scene Melissa Barrera as Sam Carpenter and her boyfriend Jack Quaid as Richie talking to David Arquette as Dewey

Scream [2022]

Unlike many failed reboots, Scream 2022 is actually a decent movie offering an updated vision of everything we loved about the original.
From Beyond 1986 Movie Scene Ted Sorel as Dr. Edward Pretorius nest to The Resonator as it's working

From Beyond [1986]

If you're looking for something different, authentic and nasty, From Beyond is a perfect choice with its nightmarish Lovecraftian atmosphere.
Prince of Darkness 1987 Movie Scene One of the students praying to the large cylinder with green liquid swirling inside of it

Prince of Darkness [1987]

Blending religion, science, and the supernatural, Prince of Darkness is a flawed but feverishly nightmarish and intense horror movie.