Blood Punch 2014 Movie Milo Cawthorne as Milton looking at a message

Blood Punch [2014]

Entertaining and authentic, Blood Punch blends horror, thriller, and action genres with the time loop gimmick effortlessly into one hell of an indie movie.
Red Lights [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Red Lights [2012]

Starring Sigourney Weaver, Robert De Niro and Cillian Murphy, Red Lights seemed like a sure thing. Based purely on the cast I started watching it, without any expectations, and Red Lights slowly started to...
Vanishing on 7th Street [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Vanishing on 7th Street [2010]

I just noticed that that there are many movies that have something going on in the __th street, what the fuck is up with that? This time, behind this title we will find a relatively interesting, but not very...
White Noise [2005] Movie Review Recommendation

White Noise [2005]

Here's another movie with same premise as: Frequency, The Mothman Prophecies, Dragonfly and many others. However, White Noise features EVP (Electronic voice phenomenon) that actually exists. If you want to...
Dragonfly [2002] Movie Review Recommendation

Dragonfly [2002]

These movies always remind me of some bestselling books, although I have never read one. How to cope with the death of the loved one? This question has been with us since the dawn of humanity and I think...