Angel Heart 1987 Movie Scene Mickey Rourke as Harry Angel lighting a cigarette with a match

Angel Heart [1987]

Dark and brooding, Angel Heart is an engaging noir thriller with an occult edge driven by a powerful performance by Mickey Rourke.
Erik The Viking 1989 Movie Scene Tim Robbins as Erik and the rest of the Vikings landing on Hy-Brasil for the first time

Erik the Viking [1989]

Intelligent, witty, and even educational, Erik the Viking is one of those timeless and feel-good fantasy comedies you can watch anytime.
Brain Damage 1988 Movie Scene Rick Hearst as Brian holding his head as a growing bump appears on his forehead

Brain Damage [1988]

Brain Damage will make you realize that the genre of weird and gory eighties horror comedies is much more creative than you thought.
Warlock 1989 Movie Scene Richard E. Grant as Redferne looking at the witch compass with Lori Singer as Kassandra

Warlock [1989]

Refreshing and authentic, Warlock is just so weird, funny, and above all, honest, that you won't be able to take your eyes off it.
To Live and Die in LA 1985 Movie Scene William Petersen as Agent Richard Chance holding a gun next to a wall with John Turturro as Carl on the other side

To Live and Die in L.A. [1985]

Artistic and a bit disjointed, To Live and Die in L.A. is a different type of neo-noir police thriller with memorable characters and action sequences.
Manhunter 1986 Movie Scene Brian Cox as Dr. Hannibal Lecktor talking to Will Graham from his cell dressed in white

Manhunter [1986]

The first adaptation of Hannibal Lecter novels, Manhunter is an atmospheric, visually authentic, and captivating serial killer movie.

The Beast of War [1988]

The Beast of War is not only one of the best war movies, but it's also one of the best anti-war and movies about tanks, a fucking masterpiece.
Wolfen 1981 Movie Scene Albert Finney as Dewey and Gregory Hines as Whittington during an autopsy of one of the victims

Wolfen [1981]

Wolfen is not a movie about werewolves but a refreshing eighties oddity following a detective investigating a string of vicious murders.
Runaway Train 1986 Movie Scene Train running through the snow-covered tracks

Runaway Train [1985]

Not only does Runaway Train provides you with immersive action and thrills but it also features phenomenal character development.
Cobra 1986 Movie Scene Sylvester Stallone as Marion Cobretti wearing sunglasses and playing with a matchstick in the corner of his mouth

Cobra [1986]

Cheesy, over-the-top but with a couple of memorable elements, Cobra is a perfect example of an entertaining action movie from the eighties.
Tango and Cash 1989 Movie Scene Sylvester Stallone as Tango and Kurt Russell as Cash in prison uniforms

Tango and Cash [1989]

Incredibly entertaining, Tango and Cash is one of the most underrated buddy cop movies from the eighties with just the perfect cast.