Warning Sign 1985 Movie Scene Richard Dysart as Dr. Nielsen holding a vial and posing for a picture with the rest of the scientist in a laboratory

Warning Sign [1985]

Two and half minutes is all it takes for Warning Sign to hook you in and show you just how engaging, well-crafted, and realistic it is.
Angel 1984 Movie Scene Donna Wilkes as Molly Angel Stewart wearing a mini skirt and leaning into a car to talk to potential customer

Angel [1984]

Angel is a raw and engaging movie following people living on the margins of society hunted by a serial killer and exploring powerful motives.
Black Moon Rising 1986 Movie Scene The prototype car Wingho Concordia II racing through the desert

Black Moon Rising [1986]

Superfast prototype cars, heists, fights, romance, and hacking all come together in Black Moon Rising, a hidden gem from the eighties.
Into the Night 1985 Movie Scene Jeff Goldblum as Ed Okin and Michelle Pfeiffer as Diana

Into the Night [1985]

Are you stuck in a rut, working a dead-end job, and having trouble sleeping? If you are, check out Into the Night, a breezy and fun masterpiece.
Outland 1981 Movie Scene Sean Connery talking to Frances Sternhagen

Outland [1981]

Are you tired of your life on Earth and are looking for something new and exciting? I give you Outland, space western set on the moon Io and starring Sean Connery.
The Night Before 1988 Movie Scene Keanu Reeves and Theresa Saldana

The Night Before [1988]

Charming, entertaining, and funny, The Night Before is an incredibly immersive comedy following young Keanu Reeves during one wild night.
Clockwise 1986 Movie John Cleese realizing he's in a wrong train

Clockwise [1986]

Endearing and driven by John Cleese's hilarious performance, Clockwise is a mainstream and wholesome road trip adventure movie worth watching.
After Hours 1985 Movie Griffin Dunne giving a massage to sexy and half nude Linda Fiorentino

After Hours [1985]

Immersive and vibrant, After Hours is a dark and almost surreal comedy taking place during one crazy night where anything that can happen will happen.
Dead End Drive In 1986 Movie Ned Manning as Crabs holding a shotgun

Dead End Drive-In [1986]

Underrated and incredibly stylish, Dead End Drive-In is one of the most authentic post-apocalyptic movies of the eighties with a poignant story about conformism.