Coma 1978 Movie Scene Geneviève Bujold as Dr. Susan Wheeler laying on a surgical table and pressing a button on a Michael Douglas as Dr. Mark Bellowspager's pager

Coma [1978]

Featuring a gripping story about a streak of strange events in a big hospital, Coma is a suspenseful and smart thriller that stood the test of time.
Sorcerer 1977 Movie Scene Bruno Cremer as Victor driving the truck accross the bridge with Amidou as Kassem guiding him

Sorcerer [1977]

Do not have any doubt, Sorcerer is one of the most nerve-wracking and suspenseful movies ever made. A complex and utterly immersive masterpiece.
Night Moves 1975 Movie Scene Gene Hackman as Harry Moseby holding a gun on a boat

Night Moves [1975]

I could talk all day about how Night Moves is one of the best noir movies, and I do, but what you should do is see this fucking movie.
Le Cercle Rouge 1970 Movie Alain Delon as Corey holding a gun and taking money from the safe

Le Cercle Rouge [1970]

Get a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of whiskey, and play Le Cercle Rouge, a stylish noir masterpiece offering a look into the desolate world of crime.

The Big Bird Cage [1972]

If you've never heard of the sexploitation subgenre, The Big Bird Cage is a great way to get to know it. It features an easygoing atmosphere, an exotic setting and just the right amounts of sleaze.
Papillon 1973 Movie Scene Steve McQueen as Henri Papillon Charriere wearing a shirt showing the tattoo on his chest

Papillon [1973]

Based on true events, Papillon is one of those great seventies movies that stood the test of time. It took me quite a while to get over this doubt I...