Infinite 2021 Movie Scene Aston Martin Vantage avoiding explosions in the road

Infinite [2021]

Get ready to turn off your brain and have some fun with Infinite, the latest formulaic science fiction thriller with juicy special effects.
Hardware 1990 Movie Scene Dylan McDermott as Mo caressing Stacey Travis as Jill with his cybernetic hand

Hardware [1990]

Boasting a cyberpunk vibe, Hardware feels like a feverish, post-apocalyptic dream with sudden bouts of sheer terror, ecstasy, and nastiness.
Nemesis 1992 Movie Scene Olivier Gruner holding two guns

Nemesis [1992]

Featuring an appealing and distinctive visual style, Nemesis is an action-packed cyberpunk movie about a hardboiled bounty hunter looking for cyborgs.
Soldier 1998 Movie Scene Kurt Russell as Todd reloading a gun

Soldier [1998]

With a bleak and grimy setting, juicy action, and an engaging plot, Soldier, starring stoic and pumped Kurt Russel is a visually impressive space western.
Stargate 1994 Movie Scene The Stargate fully charged shows an eruption of water on its surface

Stargate [1994]

As one of the true classics of science fiction, Stargate is an entertaining, very well-written, perfectly paced, and ultimately thought-provoking movie.
Fortress 1992 Movie Scene Christopher Lambert, Clifton Collins Jr., Jeffrey Combs, Tom Towles and Lincoln Kilpatrick

Fortress [1992]

Going wild with the concept of a futuristic prison, Fortress is an entertaining B science fiction movie with a lot of action and familiar faces.
Outland 1981 Movie Scene Sean Connery talking to Frances Sternhagen

Outland [1981]

Are you tired of your life on Earth and are looking for something new and exciting? I give you Outland, space western set on the moon Io and starring Sean Connery.

Infini [2015]

Drawing inspiration from a lot of classics, Infini is a solid and visually appealing retro science fiction movie about an incident on a remote mining outpost.
Kill Command 2016 Movie Scene Vanessa Kirby as Mills looking at a giant SAR killer robot

Kill Command [2016]

Visually stunning and entertaining, Kill Command follows a group of soldiers hunted by frighteningly realistic killer robots on a deserted island.