Redirected 2014 Movie Scene Two paramedics burying a guy

Redirected [2014]

Featuring all kinds of bizarre and crazy situations, Redirected is a British crime thriller with a lot of humor and quite an original story.
Life 2017 Movie Scene An astronaut closing the hatch outside the space station as Calvin, an alien creature with tentacles envelopes it

Life [2017]

Featuring a believable and frightening story with Lovecraftian motives, Life is a visually impressive homage to Alien you must check out.
Home Sweet Hell 2015 Movie Scene Katherine Heigl as Mona Champagne and Patrick Wilson as Don Champagne together in bed

Home Sweet Hell [2015]

Edgy and with a lot of black humor, Home Sweet Hell explores the toxic relationship between Mona and Don that's about to explode.
Stretch 2014 Movie Scene Patrick Wilson as Stretch sitting on the road and smoking a cigarette

Stretch [2014]

Meet Stretch, an unlucky limo driver who's about to embark on a hilarious and action-packed crazy adventure over the course of one night.
Burn 2019 Movie Scene Josh Hutcherson as Billy holding a gun inside of a gas station

Burn [2019]

Unfolding in real-time in a single location, Burn is one of those unassuming thrillers that will capture your attention with ease.
RoboCop 2014 Movie Scene Joel Kinnaman as Alex Murphy in the laboratory waking up for the first time talking to Gary Oldman as Dr. Dennett Norton

RoboCop [2014]

Featuring sleek visuals, RoboCop 2014 is forgettable but entertaining enough vision of our bleak future updated to current trends.
Cold in July 2014 Movie Scene Michael C. Hall as Richard Dane all bloody and sporting a mullet haircut

Cold in July [2014]

Full of twists and surprises, Cold in July is a slow-burning and very immersive neo-noir thriller with authentic and believable characters.

Home [2015]

Visually appealing and vibrant, Home is an entertaining movie perfect for spacing out starring Rihanna, Jim Parsons and a lot of aliens.
Driven 2018 Movie Scene Jason Sudeikis as Jim and Lee Pace as John DeLorean getting their tan on

Driven [2018]

Based on a bizarre true story involving criminals, cocaine, FBI, informants, and fucking DeLoreans, Driven is a vibrant and fast-paced comedy.
Filth 2013 Movie Scene James McAvoy as Bruce pointing at the prostitute in the brothel

Filth [2013]

Despite being messy and a bit pretentious, Filth is an entertaining crime comedy about one really bad cop full of drugs, sex, and alcohol.
The Head Hunter 2018 Movie Scene The bearded warrior in full armor walking through the valley

The Head Hunter [2018]

Atmospheric and highly immersive, The Head Hunter is a fantasy movie with just a few very effective elements. A minimalist The Witcher.
Cake 2014 Movie Scene Jennifer Aniston as Claire Bennett

Cake [2014]

No matter what you think about Jennifer Anniston, you should see Cake, not really a drama and not really a comedy but certainly a good movie.
The Mule 2014 Movie Scene Angus Sampson as Ray Jenkins wearing a Hawaiian shirt talking to Ewen Leslie as Det. Les Paris

The Mule [2014]

Who knew that there are so many movies titled The Mule? I guess the most famous one is the Eastwood one from 2018, a hilariously bad movie that I'm...
Automata 2014 Movie Scene Antonio Banderas as Jacq Vaucan in the robot charging station with couple of them charging

Automata [2014]

Exploring a familiar theme of robots and humans, Automata offers a very immersive post-apocalyptic atmosphere and great visuals.