A Crooked Somebody 2017 Movie Scene Rich Sommer as Michael Vaughn holding a woman's hand while communicating with her deceased daughter

A Crooked Somebody [2017]

A bit clumsy but still funny and thought-provoking, A Crooked Somebody is an underrated black comedy with a psychic twist.
Centurion 2010 Movie Scene Dominic West as General Titus Virilus talking to Michael Fassbender as Centurion Quintus Dias

Centurion [2010]

Visually impactful, brutal, and with a formidable cast, Centurion is a gripping historical epic about the fate of the infamous 9th legion.
The Polka King 2017 Movie Scene Jack Black as Jan Lewan and Jason Schwartzman as Mickey Pizzazz waiting to meet pope at the Vatican

The Polka King [2017]

Based on a fascinating true story, The Polka King might be a bit messy but it comes straight from the heart starring charming Jack Black.
Howl 2015 Movie Scene Holly Weston as Ellen and Ed Speleers as Joe looking at the monsters

Howl [2015]

Who knew that trains and werewolves are such a good combination? Howl, an effective and engaging British indie horror, that's who!
Anthropoid 2016 Movie Scene Jamie Dornan as Jan Kubis aiming his gun at the traitor in the forest outside of Prague

Anthropoid [2016]

Don't let the fact that Anthropoid is a war movie prevent you from watching it because this masterpiece based on true events is so much more.
John Carter 2012 Movie Scene Taylor Kitsch as John Carter riding a strange creature on Mars

John Carter [2012]

John Carter is a science fiction epic set on Mars complete with warring factions, strange creatures, steampunk tech, and a fucking princess.
Riddick 2013 Movie Scene Riddick walking on a desolate and sun-drenched strange planet

Riddick [2013]

Featuring stunning cinematography, creature design, and special effects, Riddick is a predictable but fun version of Rambo, in space.
Marrowbone 2017 Movie Scene Charlie Heaton as Billy holding a pipe in the attic with Mia Goth as Jane and Matthew Stagg as Sam

Marrowbone [2017]

Marrowbone is a clever and gloomy variation of the popular haunted house subgenre of horror films definitely worth your attention.
Prey AKA Proii 2016 Movie Scene Lion with blood all over his mouth getting ready to attack

Prey AKA Prooi [2016]

Featuring excellent special effects, Prey is an entertaining and very bloody blend of horror and comedy about a deadly lion loose in the city.
The Lodge 2019 Movie Scene Riley Keough as Grace helping Lia McHugh as Mia Hall get her toy

The Lodge [2019]

If you're looking for a classic psychological thriller with some creepy horror elements and a great ending, The Lodge is a good choice.
Guns Akimbo 2019 Movie Scene Daniel Radcliffe as Miles in his bathrobe waving guns bolted to his hands and screaming at police

Guns Akimbo [2019]

Built around a familiar deadly tournament premise, Guns Akimbo is a violent, funny, and stylish action extravaganza with frenetic pacing.