Burying the Ex 2014 Movie Scene Anton Yelchin as Max holding a machete as he about to swing at Ashley Greene as Evelyn

Burying the Ex [2014]

If you've seen all the great zombie comedies, maybe it's time to move on to the decent ones, and Burying the Ex is a good place to start.
Big Bear 2017 Movie Scene Joey Kern as Joe laying on the ground about to spanked with a belt by Heidi Heaslet as Susan with Zachary Knighton as Colin

Big Bear [2017]

Using humor and zany situations to talk about love, friendship, and marriage, Big Bear is an underrated and creative comedy with an honest approach.
CHIPS 2017 Movie Scene Dax Shepard as Jon and Michael Peña as Ponch riding motorbikes down the highway during a chase

CHIPS [2017]

As a definition of brainless fun, CHIPS is a raunchy buddy-cop comedy with a predictable story, a lot of chases, and a very appealing visual style.
Mosul 2019 Movie Scene Suhail Dabbach as Jasem about to attack a small Isis base

Mosul [2019]

Dark, gripping, authentic, violent but not celebrating violence, and featuring almost non-stop action, Mosul is simply one of the best war movies.
Bad Day For The Cut 2017 Movie Nigel O'Neill as Donal

Bad Day for the Cut [2017]

Honest, darkly comical, violent, and engaging, Bad Day for the Cut is a well-crafted slow-burner following Donal, an Irish farmer out for vengeance.
Not Safe For Work 2014 Movie Scene JJ Feild and Tom Gallop

Not Safe for Work [2014]

Engaging and cleverly written, Not Safe for Work is an effective and well-crafted thriller set in an office building turned into a deathtrap by a skilled hitman.
Stockholm 2018 Movie Ethan Hawke as Lars Nystrom holding a gun and wearing a cowboy hat

Stockholm [2018]

If you want to know how the term Stockholm syndrome came to be, check out this easygoing heist movie based on incredible true events.
Shimmer Lake 2017 Movie Scene 15 Rainn Wilson as Andy Sikes holding a gun

Shimmer Lake [2017]

Telling its story backward, Shimmer Lake is an effective small-town crime thriller about a botched heist with a smart script and a lot of dark humor.
Earthquake Bird 2019 Movie Alicia Vikander as Lucy Fly holding a bonsai tree

Earthquake Bird [2019]

As an incredibly immersive character study, Earthquake Bird is a different kind of romance movie driven by Alicia Vikander's committed performance.
71 2014 Movie Scene Jack O'Connell as Gary Hook hiding in the toilet

’71 [2014]

Suspenseful and unpredictable, '71 follows a soldier lost and pursued in the wrong part of Belfast at the height of the Northern Ireland conflict.

The Night Comes For Us [2018]

Blood will be squirting, bones will be breaking and bullets will be flying in The Night Comes For Us, a gory martial arts action movie in the vein of The Raid.

Infini [2015]

Drawing inspiration from a lot of classics, Infini is a solid and visually appealing retro science fiction movie about an incident on a remote mining outpost.