Containment 2015 Movie Scene People in orange hazmat suits setting up tents outside the apartment building

Containment [2015]

Following a group of residents who find themselves isolated during an epidemic, Containment is a flawed thriller posing intriguing questions.
Black Moon Rising 1986 Movie Scene The prototype car Wingho Concordia II racing through the desert

Black Moon Rising [1986]

Superfast prototype cars, heists, fights, romance, and hacking all come together in Black Moon Rising, a hidden gem from the eighties.
Black 47 2018 Movie Scene James Frecheville as Feeney on a horse and holding a rifle

Black ’47 [2018]

Black '47 is a relevant, compelling, and slow-burning revenge thriller set against the backdrop of the most tragic piece of Irish history.
Ricochet 1991 Movie Scene Denzel Washington as Nick Styles holding a gun in a police uniform at the fair

Ricochet [1991]

Oozing masculinity, strong emotions, and visceral action, Ricochet is a powerful thriller with memorable characters and a fucked up story.
The Beach 2000 Movie Scene Leonardo DiCaprio as Richard, Virginie Ledoyen as Françoise and Guillaume Canet as Étienne on a boat travelling to a secret island of Ko Phi Phi Leh

The Beach [2000]

Perfectly encapsulating Generation X's search for meaning, The Beach is a visually appealing wanderlust extravaganza.
Judgment Night 1993 Movie Scene Emilio Estevez as Frank and Cuba Gooding Jr. as Mike with Angela Alvarado as Rita behind in her apartment

Judgment Night [1993]

Oozing with suspense and pulpy action, Judgment Night warns you about that shortcut you were planning on taking. Just don't do it, man!
The Hummingbird Project 2018 Movie Scene Jesse Eisenberg as Vincent Zaleski holding a pencil in his mouth and looking at the monitors

The Hummingbird Project [2018]

Featuring a story that details the new technological revolution in trading, The Hummingbird Project may not be for everybody but if you like nerding out...
Killing Zoe 1993 Movie Scene Jean-Hugues Anglade as Eric holding a gun to hostage inside the bank

Killing Zoe [1993]

If I had to recommend you one indie movie, it would be Killing Zoe. A definition of a well-written hedonistic and nihilistic extravaganza.
Clubbed 2008 Movie Scene Mel Raido, Colin Salmon and Scot Williams working in front of the club as bouncers

Clubbed [2008]

With an honest and down-to-earth approach, Clubbed is an engaging and gritty thriller offering you a look into the world obscured by night, crime and fear.
Wrath of Man 2021 Movie Scene Jason Statham and Holt McCallany going on their first job together

Wrath Of Man [2021]

Get ready to feel the Wrath of Man in this latest and surprisingly dark Ritchie-Statham cooperation that's actually a slow-burner focused on revenge.
Bad Day For The Cut 2017 Movie Nigel O'Neill as Donal

Bad Day for the Cut [2017]

Honest, darkly comical, violent, and engaging, Bad Day for the Cut is a well-crafted slow-burner following Donal, an Irish farmer out for vengeance.