One False Move 1992 Movie Scene Billy Bob Thornton as Ray holding lighter fluid and threatening to burn the girl

One False Move [1992]

Mounting tension like a motherfucker, One False Move is a gripping thriller with a Southern taste. The story is unpredictable and so are the characters.

Triple 9 [2016]

Engaging and thrilling right from the opening scene, Triple 9 is a deliciously dark albeit flawed neo-noir thriller with juicy action and great cast.

Transpecos [2016]

Featuring gorgeous cinematography and an engaging story, Transpecos is an atmospheric and effective thriller following three Border Patrol agents during 24 hours.

Vault [2019]

Featuring appealing visuals and an incredible story, Vault is a mediocre heist movie with a couple of redeeming qualities that make it worth watching.

Last Rampage [2017]

Deceptively vibrant and almost cheerful, Last Rampage is an intense thriller based on true events following a group of criminals after a prison break.
Shattered 1991 Movie Tom Berenger and Greta Scacchi

Shattered [1991]

Steamy, intriguing but above all engaging, Shattered is an effective thriller with a great story wrapped in a mystery that you will simply have to solve.
Hyena 2014 Movie Peter Ferdinando as Michael and Gordon Brown as Chris holding bags of mdma and weed after raiding a club

Hyena [2014]

With an immersive atmosphere and gritty setting, Hyena is a British crime movie about a corrupt cop addicted to cocaine trying to get rich and out of jail.
Blood Diamond 2006 Movie Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou

Blood Diamond [2006]

With an engaging story and stunning cinematography, Blood Diamond is a well-crafted movie that will not only keep your attention but also make you think.

Carbone [2017]

Featuring a sleek and appealing visual style and an interesting story, Carbone is a decent French thriller drawing inspiration from the biggest scam in Europe.
Nokas 2010 Movie Robbers breaking the window to the bank with a giant sledgehammer

Nokas [2010]

Incredibly intense, unpredictable, and unfolding in real-time, Nokas is an authentic thriller about the biggest heist in Norway's history that will blow you away.
Bob Le Flambeur 1956 Movie Roger Duchesne as Robert 'Bob' Montagné gambling in a casino and smoking a cigarette

Bob le Flambeur [1956]

After all this time, Bob Le Flambeur remains a very stylish and breezy French crime movie with great pacing following our guy planning a big heist.
Rififi 1955 Movie Jean Servais, Carl Möhner, Robert Manuel watching Jules Dassin opening an umbrella during the heist

Rififi [1955]

As the best heist movie ever released, Rififi, featuring a gritty and suspenseful atmosphere along with realistic characters is also a masterful noir movie.