Repli-Kate 2002 Movie Scene Ali Landry as Kate trying out different sexy underwear in all the wrong ways

Repli-Kate [2002]

After the huge success of American Pie, everybody was trying to make their own sex comedy. Some of them were too raunchy and some were too timid. The movie we’re going to be talking about today falls somewhere in the middle although it does not feature any nudity. Still, former Miss America Ali Landry will be walking around just in her underwear so there’s that. Repli-Kate is a charming and surprisingly well-written comedy about two students who accidentally clone the hot reporter interviewing them. It’s part of the National Lampoon catalog along with comedies like Van Wilder and Dorm Daze. 

You might remember them as the guys behind the hugely successful eighties franchise Vacation starring Chevy Chase. Of course, who could forget their 1978 classic Animal House, a movie that inspired countless other writers and directors? Now, Repli-Kate is not as crass, crude, and sexist as you might think it is. This is a light-hearted and almost silly college comedy featuring a really good cast. We’ve got Eugene Levy (American Pie franchise) who didn’t have to do anything to make you laugh. And our two leads, James Roday and Desmond Askew, also gave solid performances. However, the star of the show is Miss Landry who proved she’s a surprisingly good actress and a natural entertainer.

Especially when you consider the fact she’s playing a girl who acts like a boy. Just a couple of years earlier Milla Jovovich played a similar role in The Fifth Element. The only difference is that Leeloo says chicken good and Repli-Kate says beer good. I mean, I know that this sounds a bit complicated but I’ll get to that part in just a minute. First I want to mention another eighties science fiction comedy, Weird Science. It also features a story about two guys who accidentally make a hot girl. The final piece of the puzzle is Multiplicity, a 1996 movie about a guy who clones himself starring Michael Keaton.

Henry and Max are two college students and best friends who are hoping to get a position at their university. You see, both of them are working at the genetics laboratory for Professor Jonas, who can make that happen. They’re trying to make a replicator, a machine that can clone living organisms in a matter of seconds. And if Henry and Max can finish it before the big presentation, they’re getting that job. Right at that time, a smart and sexy reporter starts asking questions about their research not knowing that she’ll soon accidentally become a part of it.

I just love how they used an ordinary computer CD drive as a major part of their replicator. Repli-Kate seems to be aimed at teenagers considering the increasing silliness of the plot. Although there will be quite a few raunchy sex jokes and a hell of an orgy scene. Not to mention the moral conundrums that come with the “hot girl clone” concept. On the other hand, the story is surprisingly well thought-out and I actually think it’s educational. Wait what, how can a college sex comedy be educational? Well, I guess you will have to check this movie out and see for yourself what I’m talking about.

And once you do, you’ll see not just how subversive and intelligent Repli-Kate is but also that it targeted the right audience with its messaging. Still, I don’t want you to think this is some preachy snooze fest because it most certainly is not. This is an easygoing romantic comedy with a science fiction twist that’s not afraid to be silly. So, a bit of jokes about relationships and sex, a bit of awkward situation, a bit of romance and you’ve just spent ninety minutes relaxing and occasionally laughing out loud.

Director: Frank Longo

Writers: Stuart Gibbs, Russ Ryan

Cast: Ali Landry Monteverde, James Roday Rodriguez, Desmond Askew, Eugene Levy, Kurt Fuller

Fun Facts: Ali Landry won the FHM magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World title multiple times along with along with appearing on lists like 50 Most Beautiful Women and 99 Most Desirable Women in the World. She’s now 50 years old, still looking stunningly beautiful, and in a happy marriage with Mexican director Alejandro Gómez Monteverde. Her first marriage was to Mario Lopez (Saved by the Bell) and it ended after two years after she found out Mario cheated on her during his bachelor night. I mean really Mario?


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