Clubbed 2008 Movie Scene Mel Raido, Colin Salmon and Scot Williams working in front of the club as bouncers

Clubbed [2008]

With an honest and down-to-earth approach, Clubbed is an engaging and gritty thriller offering you a look into the world obscured by night, crime and fear.
Hot Tamale 2006 Movie Scene Diora Baird as Tuesday in a revealing shirt with a big cleavage doing her laundry

Hot Tamale [2006]

If you think you've seen all the good crime comedies, I give you Hot Tamale, a sexy, raunchy, and creative hidden gem waiting for just for you.
I Want Candy 2007 Movie Scene Tom Riley, Tom Burke and Michelle Ryan at the audition looking at the tits of a potential actress

I Want Candy [2007]

Charming, sexy, and with just enough spicy stuff in it to keep you going, I Want Candy is a delightfully breezy and British comedy great for one viewing.
Blood Diamond 2006 Movie Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou

Blood Diamond [2006]

With an engaging story and stunning cinematography, Blood Diamond is a well-crafted movie that will not only keep your attention but also make you think.
Into The Wild 2007 Movie Image Emile Hirsch as Chris McCandless in a shirt and shorts walking through the forest

Into the Wild [2007]

Based on the life of Christopher McCandless, Into the Wild is a wanderlust epic firmly rooted in reality with powerful performances and cinematography.
Stuart A Life Backwards 2007 Movie Tom Hardy as Stuart Shorter on the streets of Cambridge

Stuart: A Life Backwards [2007]

As one of the best movies you've never heard of, Stuart: A Life Backwards is a surprisingly vibrant and entertaining masterpiece based on true events.
Control 2007 Movie Sam Riley as Ian Curtis singing in a studio

Control [2007]

Emotional and personal, Control is a different type of biopic, both telling the story of Ian Curtis, singer of Joy Division, and talking about depression.
The House of the Devil 2009 Movie Jocelin Donahue in jeans and plaid shirt looking towards the door of the house

The House of the Devil [2009]

Moody and atmospheric, The House of the Devil is a slow-burning horror with extremely strong eighties vibes. Written and directed by very talented Ti West, The House of the Devil is not a horror movie for everybody.
Donkey Punch 2008 Movie Sian Breckin as Lisa listening to Tom Burke describing what's a donkey punch

Donkey Punch [2008]

The best thing about Donkey Punch is that it's just so damn entertaining. This is a is a thriller with an interesting story, realistic atmosphere and good acting
Down 2001 Movie Edward Herrmann in an elevator looking at a bloody dead body hanging upside down

Down AKA The Shaft [2001]

If you or anyone you know are afraid of elevators, then Down is the movie for you. This is an entertaining black comedy/horror about a possessed elevator.
Stranded 2001 Movie Maria de Medeiros in spacesuit walking on the surface of Mars

Stranded [2001]

Very atmospheric and immersive, Stranded is an underrated and visually impressive Spanish science fiction movie about the first manned mission to Mars.
Edmond 2005 Movie William H. Macy at the dinner table thinking

Edmond [2005]

Authentic and very engaging, Edmond explores masculinity, sex, and racism through the lens of a soon to be unraveled mind of Average Joe.