Narc 2002 Movie Scene Ray Liotta as Henry Oak holding a tape recorder in a chop shop

Narc [2002]

Narc is a classic example of a gritty police thriller done right featuring a phenomenal cast, dark atmosphere, and quite a story to tell.
Cass 2008 Movie Scene Nonso Anozie as Cass, Gavin Brocker as Prentice and Leo Gregory as Freeman along with the rest of the ICF going into a fight

Cass [2008]

Based on an incredible true story, Cass is an engaging and gritty thriller about the first black leader of a football hooligan group.
Murder Party 2007 Movie Scene Chris Sharp as Christopher Hawley riding the subway in his knight costume

Murder Party [2007]

Refreshing, emotional, and above all well-written, Murder Party is one of those hilarious horror comedies you simply have to check out.
Spun 2002 Movie Scene Jason Schwartzman as Ross, Brittany Murphy as Nikki and Mena Suvari as Cookie waiting to get high at Spider Mike's place

Spun [2002]

Spun is a complex and yet incredibly easy-to-watch technical masterpiece unfolding at breakneck speed that will blow you the fuck away.
The Damned United 2009 Movie Scene Michael Sheen as Brian Clough at a game with banners behind asking for him to leave

The Damned United [2009]

If you've never seen a movie about football, The Damned United is a perfect choice because it shows you what the fuss is all about.
The Ruins 2008 Movie Scene An aerial shot of the pyramid overgrown with vines with tourists trapped at the top

The Ruins [2008]

Following two young couples on a vacation from hell, The Ruins is a solid albeit a bit static horror with an exotic setting and nice gore.
The Salton Sea 2002 Movie Scene Val Kilmer as Danny showing off his tattoos

The Salton Sea [2002]

Stylish and flashy, The Salton Sea takes us on a wild ride through the world of drug addicts and criminals before turning into something else.
Secretary 2002 Movie Scene Maggie Gyllenhaal as Lee bending over the desk with her panties down as James Spader as Mr. Grey stands behind her

Secretary [2002]

Despite the whole S/M thing, Secretary is actually a tame romantic and at times melodramatic comedy that works best as a character study.
Hawaii Oslo 2004 Movie Scene Aksel Hennie as Trygve with a tattoo on his shoulder getting dressed in his cell

Hawaii, Oslo [2004]

Charming and refreshing, Hawaii, Oslo is an intelligent drama with a deceptively easygoing atmosphere. I say deceptively because we will be talking...
Un Crime Au Paradis 2001 Movie Scene Jacques Villeret as Jojo Braconnier and Josiane Balasko as Lulu Braconnier arguing during dinner

Un Crime au Paradis [2001]

Following the escalating bickering between a married couple living in a small village, Un Crime au Paradis is a refreshing comedy.
The Beautiful Country 2004 Movie Scene Damien Nguyen as Binh at the beach with the rest of the refugees running in the background

The Beautiful Country [2004]

Featuring an honest and epic tale of perseverance, The Beautiful Country is a masterpiece touching upon many current issues plaguing our society.