Ong Bak 2003 Movie Scene Tony Jaa as Ting with his hands wrapped in rope up to his elbows, a trademark of Muay Korat

Ong Bak [2003]

Featuring incredibly choreographed fighting scenes, Ong Bak is an exotic, entertaining, and exquisite martial arts movie starring Tony Jaa.
Weirdsville 2007 Movie Scene Scott Speedman as Dexter and Wes Bentley as Royce as two drug addicts who just broke into a house

Weirdsville [2007]

Satanic rituals, murder, theft, drugs, and a whole bunch of weird characters await you in Weirdsville, a charming little black comedy.
Femme Fatale 2002 Movie Scene Rebecca Romijn as Laure dancing on a pool table wearing black underwear and high heel boots

Femme Fatale [2002]

Stylish and visually appealing, Femme Fatale is equal parts erotic and psychological thriller with a twisting story and sexy Rebecca Romijn.
Jason X 2001 Movie Scene Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees holding a machete and flying in outer space

Jason X [2001]

Set on a spaceship, Jason X almost feels like a parody but it's actually a fun Alien rip-off you watch for the carnage and campy one-liners.
Below 2002 Movie Scene Bruce Greenwood as Brice and Holt McCallany as Loomis waiting for the right moment to send a signal

Below [2002]

Suspenseful and claustrophobic, Below is an underrated masterpiece following a doomed submarine crew during WWII as they descend into hell.
Felon 2008 Movie Scene Prisoners with tattoos and wearing white underwear standing in the yard

Felon [2008]

Felon is a slow-burning prison movie featuring excellent performances, a realistic and intense atmosphere, and a haunting true story.
Bandidas 2006 Movie Scene Penelope Cruz as Maria and Salma Hayek as Sara two outlaws trying to learn how to rob banks

Bandidas [2006]

Stylish and entertaining, Bandidas is a visually alluring western starring Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek bound to keep you engaged.
Hatchet 2006 Movie Scene A group of tourists seeing Victor Crowly for the first time

Hatchet [2006]

Equal parts comedy and horror, Hatchet is an entertainingly dumb homage to eighties slasher movies with a lot of gore.
Rat Race 2001 Movie Scene Vince Vieluf as Blaine and Seth Green as Duane trying to get away from a monster truck coming to hit them

Rat Race [2001]

Entertaining, memorable, and charming, Rat Race is one of those hilarious fast-paced road comedies you can watch over and over again.
The Revenant 2009 Movie Scene David Anders as Bart getting his eyes checked at the hospital after finding out that he's undead

The Revenant [2009]

Despite being a bit messy and too long, The Revenant from 2009 is a refreshing, witty, and intelligent horror-comedy involving the undead.