Turistas 2006 Movie Scene Josh Duhamel as Alex and Melissa George as Pru ordering drinks at the beach bar in Brazil

Turistas [2006]

If you're looking for a great horror movie that's more of a thriller with an exotic setting, sexy cast, and some gore, I give you Turistas.
The Beach 2000 Movie Scene Leonardo DiCaprio as Richard, Virginie Ledoyen as Françoise and Guillaume Canet as Étienne on a boat travelling to a secret island of Ko Phi Phi Leh

The Beach [2000]

Perfectly encapsulating Generation X's search for meaning, The Beach is a visually appealing wanderlust extravaganza.
Clubbed 2008 Movie Scene Mel Raido, Colin Salmon and Scot Williams working in front of the club as bouncers

Clubbed [2008]

With an honest and down-to-earth approach, Clubbed is an engaging and gritty thriller offering you a look into the world obscured by night, crime and fear.
Hot Tamale 2006 Movie Scene Diora Baird as Tuesday in a revealing shirt with a big cleavage doing her laundry

Hot Tamale [2006]

If you think you've seen all the good crime comedies, I give you Hot Tamale, a sexy, raunchy, and creative hidden gem waiting for just for you.
I Want Candy 2007 Movie Scene Tom Riley, Tom Burke and Michelle Ryan at the audition looking at the tits of a potential actress

I Want Candy [2007]

Charming, sexy, and with just enough spicy stuff in it to keep you going, I Want Candy is a delightfully breezy and British comedy great for one viewing.
Blood Diamond 2006 Movie Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou

Blood Diamond [2006]

With an engaging story and stunning cinematography, Blood Diamond is a well-crafted movie that will not only keep your attention but also make you think.
Into The Wild 2007 Movie Image Emile Hirsch as Chris McCandless in a shirt and shorts walking through the forest

Into the Wild [2007]

Based on the life of Christopher McCandless, Into the Wild is a wanderlust epic firmly rooted in reality with powerful performances and cinematography.
Stuart A Life Backwards 2007 Movie Tom Hardy as Stuart Shorter on the streets of Cambridge

Stuart: A Life Backwards [2007]

As one of the best movies you've never heard of, Stuart: A Life Backwards is a surprisingly vibrant and entertaining masterpiece based on true events.
Control 2007 Movie Sam Riley as Ian Curtis singing in a studio

Control [2007]

Emotional and personal, Control is a different type of biopic, both telling the story of Ian Curtis, singer of Joy Division, and talking about depression.