Bandidas 2006 Movie Scene Penelope Cruz as Maria and Salma Hayek as Sara two outlaws trying to learn how to rob banks

Bandidas [2006]

Stylish and entertaining, Bandidas is a visually alluring western starring Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek bound to keep you engaged.
Prey AKA Proii 2016 Movie Scene Lion with blood all over his mouth getting ready to attack

Prey AKA Prooi [2016]

Featuring excellent special effects, Prey is an entertaining and very bloody blend of horror and comedy about a deadly lion loose in the city.
Hatchet 2006 Movie Scene A group of tourists seeing Victor Crowly for the first time

Hatchet [2006]

Equal parts comedy and horror, Hatchet is an entertainingly dumb homage to eighties slasher movies with a lot of gore.
Muriels Wedding 1994 Movie Scene Toni Collette as Muriel wearing a leopard dress at Tania's wedding

Muriel’s Wedding [1994]

Starring Toni Collette, Muriel's Wedding is a charming black comedy with a distinctive Australian vibe, great story, and vibrant atmosphere.
Rat Race 2001 Movie Scene Vince Vieluf as Blaine and Seth Green as Duane trying to get away from a monster truck coming to hit them

Rat Race [2001]

Entertaining, memorable, and charming, Rat Race is one of those hilarious fast-paced road comedies you can watch over and over again.
The Revenant 2009 Movie Scene David Anders as Bart getting his eyes checked at the hospital after finding out that he's undead

The Revenant [2009]

Despite being a bit messy and too long, The Revenant from 2009 is a refreshing, witty, and intelligent horror-comedy involving the undead.
Orange County 2002 Movie Scene Colin Hanks as Shaun Brumder finding out his test scores

Orange County [2002]

Orange County is a lighthearted coming-of-age teen comedy with an awesome cast and a dreamy atmosphere perfect for escapism.
The Last Supper 1995 Movie Scene Cameron Diaz as Jude, Ron Eldard as Pete, Annabeth Gish, as Paulie, Jonathan Penner as Marc, and Courtney B. Vance as Luke screaming in terror during dinner

The Last Supper [1995]

Provocative and funny, The Last Supper is a black comedy about the political divide in The United States and it's still very relevant.
Gettin Square 2003 Movie Scene Timothy Spall as Dabba and Richard Carter as Crusher on the beach wearing sunglasses

Gettin’ Square [2003]

Gettin' Square is a charming and perhaps too lighthearted Aussie version of Guy Ritchie crime thrillers with stellar performances.
2 Days in the Valley 1996 Movie Scene Teri Hatcher as Becky pulling away her white panties to show a puncture wound on her butt cheek to Jeff Daniels as Alvin and Eric Stoltz as Wes

2 Days In The Valley [1996]

Blending crime and comedy with style, 2 Days in the Valley is a highly underrated movie that could be described as laidback Pulp Fiction.
The Package 2018 Movie Scene Geraldine Viswanathan as Becky, Sadie Calvano as Sarah and Luke Spencer Roberts as Donnie screaming upon seeing Daniel Doheny as Sean doing something

The Package [2018]

Featuring a tight script and outrageously bizarre plot, The Package is probably the funniest gross-out comedy you've never heard of.
EuroTrip 2004 Movie Scene Scott Mechlowicz as Scotty, Jacob Pitts as Cooper and Travis Wester as Jamie trying Absinthe for the first time

EuroTrip [2004]

Despite its cliched structure, EuroTrip offers almost non-stop laughs, hilarious characters, and so many quotable scenes. It's that good!
The Boxtrolls 2014 Movie Scene Ben Kingsley as Snatcher and his henchman holding a girl startled

The Boxtrolls [2014]

Featuring an authentic visual style and an intelligent story for both kids and adults, The Boxtrolls will make you fall in love with them.