The Final Girls 2015 Movie Scene Taissa Farmiga as Max Cartwright, Thomas Middleditch as Duncan, Alexander Ludwig as Chris Briggs, Nina Dobrev as Vicki Summers and Alia Shawkat as Gertie Michaels hiding behind the tree

The Final Girls [2015]

Poking fun at the eighties slashers, The Final Girls is, above all, a well-crafted horror comedy with a vibrant atmosphere and fast pacing.
Innocent Blood 1992 Movie Scene Nurse holding a severed arm that's burning up and screaming

Innocent Blood [1992]

I bet you never saw a movie that combined vampires and the Italian mafia into one darkly humorous and entertaining mixture sprinkled with nudity and gore.
Mayhem 2017 Movie Scene Steven Yeun as Derek Cho and Samara Weaving as Melanie Cross holding a nailgun

Mayhem [2017]

Starring Steven Yeun and Samara Weaving, Mayhem is a bloody and fun office-themed horror comedy with a sleek visual style.
Dont Be A Menace 1996 Movie Scene Marlon Wayans as Loc Dog and Shawn Wayans as Ashtray at the party looking at Toothpick

Don’t Be a Menace [1996]

Break yourself, fool, and prepare for non-stop laughter! Don't Be a Menace is one of the funniest and well-thought-out comedies I ever saw.
Saving Mr. Banks 2013 Movie Scene Emma Thompson as P.L. Travers and Tom Hanks as Walt Disney while visiting Disneyland

Saving Mr Banks [2013]

I usually avoid recommending big movies but Saving Mr. Banks is just so damn good and well-written that I had to do something.
Moana 2016 Movie Scene Auli'i Cravalho as Moana confronts the lava monster with sign on its chest

Moana [2016]

Featuring a familiar story and appealing visuals, Moana is your standard-issue entertaining Disney movie with an exotic setting.
Hackers 1995 Movie Scene Angelina Jolie as Kate with short hair and wearing a t-shirt

Hackers [1995]

Going off pure vibes, Hackers is a fun and entertaining ride down the memory lane, especially if you're into computers. Hack the planet!!!
Burying the Ex 2014 Movie Scene Anton Yelchin as Max holding a machete as he about to swing at Ashley Greene as Evelyn

Burying the Ex [2014]

If you've seen all the great zombie comedies, maybe it's time to move on to the decent ones, and Burying the Ex is a good place to start.