Driven 2018 Movie Scene Jason Sudeikis as Jim and Lee Pace as John DeLorean getting their tan on

Driven [2018]

Based on a bizarre true story involving criminals, cocaine, FBI, informants, and fucking DeLoreans, Driven is a vibrant and fast-paced comedy.
Senseless 1998 Movie Scene Marlon Wayans as Darryl Witherspoon holding an injection with glowing green liquid

Senseless [1998]

Silly, unpretentious, and just so damn fun, Senseless is one of those brainless comedies with lots of energy you can watch anytime.
Filth 2013 Movie Scene James McAvoy as Bruce pointing at the prostitute in the brothel

Filth [2013]

Despite being messy and a bit pretentious, Filth is an entertaining crime comedy about one really bad cop full of drugs, sex, and alcohol.
Secretary 2002 Movie Scene Maggie Gyllenhaal as Lee bending over the desk with her panties down as James Spader as Mr. Grey stands behind her

Secretary [2002]

Despite the whole S/M thing, Secretary is actually a tame romantic and at times melodramatic comedy that works best as a character study.
The Mule 2014 Movie Scene Angus Sampson as Ray Jenkins wearing a Hawaiian shirt talking to Ewen Leslie as Det. Les Paris

The Mule [2014]

Who knew that there are so many movies titled The Mule? I guess the most famous one is the Eastwood one from 2018, a hilariously bad movie that I'm yet to review. Moving on, The Mule, released in 2014 is the...
Deathgasm 2015 Movie Scene Milo Cawthorne as Brodie and James Joshua Blake as Zakk covered in blood and wearing metal t-shirts

Deathgasm [2015]

Horror and metal go hand and in hand and when you add comedy to the mix you get Deathgasm, an incredibly entertaining and gory movie.
Un Crime Au Paradis 2001 Movie Scene Jacques Villeret as Jojo Braconnier and Josiane Balasko as Lulu Braconnier arguing during dinner

Un Crime au Paradis [2001]

Following the escalating bickering between a married couple living in a small village, Un Crime au Paradis is a refreshing comedy.
Dope 2015 Movie Scene Shameik Moore as Malcolm, Tony Revolori as Jib and Kiersey Clemons as Diggy on bikes in the hood

Dope [2015]

As a coming-of-age story set in the hood, Dope blends humor, drugs, racial issues, and great fucking music into one hell of a story.
The Grand Seduction 2013 Movie Scene Taylor Kitsch as Dr. Paul Lewis arriving in Tickle Head with Brendan Gleeson as Murray French

The Grand Seduction [2013]

The Grand Seduction feels so honest and cute that you can't help falling in love with it. Plus it's got Brendan Gleeson and Taylor Kitsch.
Joe's Apartment 1993 Movie Scene Jerry O'Connell as Joe looking at his cereal with cockroaches in it

Joe’s Apartment [1996]

There's no better movie about outcasts than Joe's Apartment. It's charming, fast-paced, hilarious, and full of singing cockroaches.