If you like poker, then this is a movie for you. During the recent years we have seen movies like Maverick, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and 21, with distinctly different vibes. Rounders goes a step further and creates this greasy atmosphere from the seventies, when movies like these were much more popular. And poker was more popular, just imagine how card games have suffered in the past thirty years with computer games and mobile phones taking over the market. Back to the movie, this an entertaining light thriller with dark but almost humorous vibe. Cleverly written, it will pull you in even if you don’t like poker or gambling. Before you know it, you will be cheering for Mike and wondering what will KGB do next…

Matt Damon playsrounders_ver1 Mike McDermott, a straight up guy trying to finish law school. But he has a talent when it comes to cards, and he will use that talent when his no good buddy Lester ‘Worm’ Murphy comes out of jail and asks him for help. The two of them are a quite a team, working in different places from high class joints, to sleazy bars. I especially liked John Malkovich`s performance of KGB, an experienced card player and the ultimate challenge for Mike. Mike led a normal, but still very boring life until he will pick his old habit of gambling and winning money. Phenomenal cast, and of course great directing from John Dahl, really made this movie interesting. Not to mention the knowledgeable and lively screenplay. So, enjoy in this great movie.

Director: John Dahl

Cast: Matt Damon, Edward Norton, John Turturro, Gretchen Mol, Famke Janssen, John Malkovich, Martin Landau

Fun Facts: Worm was originally supposed to smoke but avid nonsmoker Edward Norton refused.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0128442/

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