Wild Things can be classified as one of those guilty pleasure movies that we check out from time to time. Teeming with sexuality and suspense, it also has a decent story and excellent acting. All the lead roles were great, and along with their good looks they brought talent and skill to the set and you can feel that while watching the movie. Actually when I think about it, story in Wild Things is quite complex and utterly realistic, but somewhat distant, and I guess that’s the part of the thrill. Imagining yourself in any  of the offered roles creates yet another level that you can enjoy. As lead singer of Twisted Singer, Dee Snider said once: if you look for medical references in our songs, you will find them. But also if you look to S & M references they are there too. Perhaps the hype about this movie is going to create a wrong image with the viewers who haven’t seen it, so just to be clear: there are explicit sexual scenes but they are not ever-present, it’s more about the atmosphere than the graphic display of sexuality.

Sam Lombardo is a high school counselor in southern part of Florida living the good life. With his good looks and charm, the women  find him irresistible, and he enjoys this harmless flirting, even with his students. But he never crosses the line, controlling his urges. But as he is accused of rape by two high-school girls, he is facing serious charges that might land him in jail permanently. Kelly Van Ryan and Suzie Toller are two completely different girls, one is a daughter of a billionaire and the other one lives in a trailer, but both of them have something in common and that is their affection towards Mr. Lombardo. How this is going to turn out is up to you to find out, enjoy….

Director: John McNaughton

Cast: Kevin Bacon, Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, Bill Murray, Theresa Russell

Fun Facts: Before the filming of an outdoor scene by the river, a gaffer was fixing the lights and noticed something floating by in the river. It was a dead body. The police were called and when they arrived, they anchored it to the dock, out of sight of the camera. They removed it after the scene was shot.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120890/

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