Cake 2014 Movie Scene Jennifer Aniston as Claire Bennett

Cake [2014]

No matter what you think about Jennifer Anniston, you should see Cake, not really a drama and not really a comedy but certainly a good movie.
Hawaii Oslo 2004 Movie Scene Aksel Hennie as Trygve with a tattoo on his shoulder getting dressed in his cell

Hawaii, Oslo [2004]

Charming and refreshing, Hawaii, Oslo is an intelligent drama with a deceptively easygoing atmosphere. I say deceptively because we will be talking...
Deathgasm 2015 Movie Scene Milo Cawthorne as Brodie and James Joshua Blake as Zakk covered in blood and wearing metal t-shirts

Deathgasm [2015]

Horror and metal go hand and in hand and when you add comedy to the mix you get Deathgasm, an incredibly entertaining and gory movie.
Wind River 2017 Movie Scene Jeremy Renner as Cory looking at the bloody tracks in the snow

Wind River [2017]

Visually impressive, Wind River is a captivating slow-burning thriller following a murder investigation inspired by true events.
Joe's Apartment 1993 Movie Scene Jerry O'Connell as Joe looking at his cereal with cockroaches in it

Joe’s Apartment [1996]

There's no better movie about outcasts than Joe's Apartment. It's charming, fast-paced, hilarious, and full of singing cockroaches.
Waking Ned Devine 1998 Movie Scene Ian Bannen as Jackie O'Shea and David Kelly as Michael O'Sullivan drinking beer in a pub

Waking Ned Devine [1998]

Featuring likable and colorful characters, Waking Ned Devine is a heartwarming comedy with an edgy script and great cast.
Free Guy 2021 Movie Scene Ryan Reynolds as Guy wearing a blue shirt with a building exploding behind him

Free Guy [2021]

Free Guy is exactly the action-packed, sleek-looking, over-the-top entertaining action movie you think it is. Plus, the story is not half bad.
Traitor 2008 Movie Scene Don Cheadle as Samir Horn and Saïd Taghmaoui as Omar giving a young kid a suicide vest

Traitor [2008]

Driven by Don Cheadle's powerful performance, Traitor is an intelligent, engaging, and above all, thought-provoking thriller about terrorism.
Judgment Night 1993 Movie Scene Emilio Estevez as Frank and Cuba Gooding Jr. as Mike with Angela Alvarado as Rita behind in her apartment

Judgment Night [1993]

Oozing with suspense and pulpy action, Judgment Night warns you about that shortcut you were planning on taking. Just don't do it, man!
Us 2019 Movie Scene Winston Duke holding a baseball bat with the rest of the family behind him as they first see the strangers

Us [2019]

Jordan Peele is at it again! After Get Out, a creative horror/comedy, he cranked up the horror and toned down the humor for Us, a true masterpiece.