The Asphalt Jungle 1950 Movie Scene Sam Jaffe as Doc hearing alarms go off during the heist

The Asphalt Jungle [1950]

The Asphalt Jungle rivals any modern heist movie offering a look into the gritty world of crime in the fifties and engaging storytelling.
Against The Wall 1994 Movie Scene Kyle MacLachlan as Michael Smith after he sprayed an inmate talking to Frederic Forrest as Weisbad

Against The Wall [1994]

Based on fascinating true events, Against The Wall is an incredibly well-crafted and thought-provoking prison movie with relentless pacing.
The Package 2018 Movie Scene Geraldine Viswanathan as Becky, Sadie Calvano as Sarah and Luke Spencer Roberts as Donnie screaming upon seeing Daniel Doheny as Sean doing something

The Package [2018]

Featuring a tight script and outrageously bizarre plot, The Package is probably the funniest gross-out comedy you've never heard of.
EuroTrip 2004 Movie Scene Scott Mechlowicz as Scotty, Jacob Pitts as Cooper and Travis Wester as Jamie trying Absinthe for the first time

EuroTrip [2004]

Despite its cliched structure, EuroTrip offers almost non-stop laughs, hilarious characters, and so many quotable scenes. It's that good!
From Beyond 1986 Movie Scene Ted Sorel as Dr. Edward Pretorius nest to The Resonator as it's working

From Beyond [1986]

If you're looking for something different, authentic and nasty, From Beyond is a perfect choice with its nightmarish Lovecraftian atmosphere.
Predestination 2014 Movie Scene Ethan Hawke as The Barkeep holding a gun in a laundry room

Predestination [2014]

Featuring a thought-provoking and engaging story, Predestination is an intelligent time travel movie not only for fans of hard science fiction.
The Boxtrolls 2014 Movie Scene Ben Kingsley as Snatcher and his henchman holding a girl startled

The Boxtrolls [2014]

Featuring an authentic visual style and an intelligent story for both kids and adults, The Boxtrolls will make you fall in love with them.
Prince of Darkness 1987 Movie Scene One of the students praying to the large cylinder with green liquid swirling inside of it

Prince of Darkness [1987]

Blending religion, science, and the supernatural, Prince of Darkness is a flawed but feverishly nightmarish and intense horror movie.
Bound 1996 Movie Scene Jennifer Tilly as Violet opening the door wearing a sexy nightgown

Bound [1996]

Bound is a devilishly fun and subversive erotic thriller with excellent performances, an unpredictable story, and an intense atmosphere.
Angel Heart 1987 Movie Scene Mickey Rourke as Harry Angel lighting a cigarette with a match

Angel Heart [1987]

Dark and brooding, Angel Heart is an engaging noir thriller with an occult edge driven by a powerful performance by Mickey Rourke.
Life 2017 Movie Scene An astronaut closing the hatch outside the space station as Calvin, an alien creature with tentacles envelopes it

Life [2017]

Featuring a believable and frightening story with Lovecraftian motives, Life is a visually impressive homage to Alien you must check out.
Murder Party 2007 Movie Scene Chris Sharp as Christopher Hawley riding the subway in his knight costume

Murder Party [2007]

Refreshing, emotional, and above all well-written, Murder Party is one of those hilarious horror comedies you simply have to check out.