Give Em Hell Malone Sequel Coming - Scene from the original with Thomas Jane as Malone holding a gun

Give ‘Em Hell Malone Getting a Sequel

I don’t know if you had the opportunity to check out the 2009 neo-noir extravaganza Give ‘Em Hell Malone but it’s getting a sequel. The movie is still in development but we know a couple of things. And all of them are very promising so all aboard the hype train! First of all, Thomas Jane will be starring as Malone, a nihilistic hitman, and ex-private eye. I wonder if he’ll be still driving his 1952 Chop Top Buick Straight 8? 

Jane is a fan of noir movies, even directing one of them, Dark Country. He’s got the looks and the brains for this type of role so we’ve got that covered. Next up is Mark Hosack, the writer of the original movie who will also be returning. He’s already working on the script but I think that it will be a while before we can check out the movie. Hosack announced this back in February of 2021 and since then we haven’t heard anything about the movie. 

One more worrying piece of information is that Renegade Entertainment is hoping to make a franchise. Whenever you get these grandiose statements from a young company, things usually don’t work out. However, this is all pure conjecture and I would love for them to succeed. According to Hosack, the new Give ‘Em Hell Malone sequel will be more grounded and it will feature a race against the clock. All the while keeping the juicy action and stylish visuals.

This is what Hosack said in an interview for Variety: “The idea is to keep it real and keep it dangerous. I can’t wait for everyone to check out what we’re cooking up.” So, things are looking pretty good so far, at least in the writing department. Now, Renegade Entertainment just released Murder at Yellowstone City starring Thomas Jane. And have a couple of other movies and television shows slated for release. All of this means that we can expect the Give ‘Em Hell Malone sequel to be released in a couple of years. 2025 release is looking most likely if everything goes well that is.