What a great action movie this is. It is rare to see this quality in mainstream production without some stupid mistakes, but this one is perfect. Written and produced by Luc Besson (Léon, The Fifth Element, TakenLockout), Banlieue 13 is filled with exciting fights and stunts. Using excellent action sequences based on parkour (jumping and running on the streets of the cities and using their environment as obstacles, you must have seen some videos) and great directing it delivers insane amounts of fun. And the main story is not too shabby either. Set in the crime-infested slums where the fabric of society is slowly slipping away from humans, it almost can be viewed as a post-apocalyptic movie although it is officially set in 2010. However, that strange and upbeat French vibe brightened up the atmosphere along with some classic storytelling.

Set in a near future in a district that is filled with all kinds of illegal activities and crime, it follows Leïto, a man trying to live in this cesspool. The district is run by a ruthless criminal and when he and Leïto conflict over his sister shit will hit the fan. This is an old school type of action flick, no special effects, no wires, just good old bashing. It has a Jackie Chan vibe to it and the setting resembles Escape from New York, a perfect combination. There is a sequel that is also excellent so check it out. In the end, I would like to mention that the star of this movie, David Belle actually invented parkour along with his father Raymond, so if you wanna see the master at work, now’s your chance.

Director: Pierre Morel

Cast: Cyril Raffaelli, David Belle, Tony D’Amario, Bibi Naceri, Dany Verissimo, François Chattot

Fun Stuff: The bomb code is: 9293709B13


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0414852/

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