Into The Blue 2005 Jessica Alba, Scott Caan and Ashley Scott standing on a boat in their swim suits

Into the Blue [2005]

If you’re looking for that sleek looking, hot bodies mingling, mildly entertaining thriller set on in a tropical paradise, look no further. This is one of those movies where you just hit the play button (hopefully when you read this in 2030, there will still be such a thing) and relax, unencumbered by complex plot or aggressive imagery. Directed by John Stockwell, who had a number of similar projects before and after this movie (Blue Crush, Dark Tide and Turistas), Into the Blue is an adventure movie about a cute couple trying to make it in the Caribbean. Story-wise, every element you need for such a project is here, from well-defined characters that are not too over-the-top to rivalries and stories of immense lost treasures. Roll me up something something and let the good times roll as well. It’s funny how we are able to get lost in these sun-drenched locations without much hesitation, while I imagine that real-life there is pretty hard. Especially with today’s climate wreaking havoc on these amazing locations. Anywhoo, let’s not get too lost here and get back to the movie. The cinematography was a key factor here and if they fucked it up, the whole thing would be just a mediocre television movie. Luckily for everyone, they pulled it off and from underwater scenes that even feature some scary sharks (Stockwell explored this theme seven years after with Dark Tide) to above water shenanigans on ships and beautiful islands, everything looked great.

Jared and Sam are a couple living on a dreamy island somewhere in the Bahamas. Jared, an avid diver, is always on the lookout for sunken treasures, hoping that one day he will find something that will make them very rich. Meanwhile, both he and Sam are working the usual jobs and waiting for their opportunity. When Jared’s old friend arrives on the island along with his new girlfriend, the four of them decide to go snorkeling, not knowing what might be hiding just a little deeper…

Of course, acting was a bit wobbly, especially from Paul Walker and Jessica Alba (she was nominated for Worst Actress at the 26th Golden Raspberry Awards), but this is something that is expected with a project like this. Luckily Scott Caan as the obnoxious friend who’s constantly getting everyone in trouble and Josh Brolin as the brooding menace of a man were here to help with that. Female cast was here mostly to show off beautiful bikinis and bodies that make every scene worth watching. And ladies, don’t forget, you also got Paul and Tyson Beckford almost nude in every other scene, so everyone should be happy. As I already mentioned this is one of those movies. Even reminiscent of the eighties and nineties, with a plot featuring lost treasure and cocaine, which was a nice distinction from a very similar movie The Deep from 1997. Although the most ludicrous nineties cocaine plot-line award goes without a shadow of a doubt to another movie: I Come In Peace (Dark Angel) 1990. And remember that they still pulled off a PG-13 rating, so you can comfortably watch this with your family (although it could get a little awkward). With decent pacing that nudges the movie confidently from scene to scene, Into the Blue will keep your attention, but only if you know what’s it about. If you’re looking for anything else than light entertainment, you will be disappointed, so be wary of this. Oh, and if you’re looking to continue in the same vibe, you might check out Fool’s Gold.

Director: John Stockwell

Writer: Matt Johnson

Cast: Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Scott Caan, Josh Brolin, Tyson Beckford, Ashley Scott, James Frain


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